Apple Unveils Final Cut Pro 2, Logic Pro 2 with iPad Pro 2024 M4 Chip Power

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  • The new iPad Air and iPad Pro 2024 models feature significant upgrades, including the introduction of the fast M4 chip, which enhances performance especially for creative applications.
  • Final Cut Pro 2 and Logic Pro 2, both professional-level apps, receive major updates designed to leverage the capabilities of the M4 chip, with Final Cut Pro 2 offering 2x faster rendering and support for more streams of ProRes RAW than its predecessor.
  • Final Cut Pro 2 introduces a new feature called Live Multicam, allowing users to connect, preview, and direct up to four camera angles simultaneously, supported by the Final Cut Camera app for additional angle capture.
  • Logic Pro 2 adds new features for music producers, including Session Players with AI-generated Bass and Keyboard Players, new effects like ChromaGlow for analog warmth, and Stem Splitter for quick on-device remixing.


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Oh boy, the tech world’s buzzing again. The new iPad Air and iPad Pro 2024 just hit the scene. And they’re not just any tablets. We’re talking a sleek iPad Air and the skinniest iPad Pro ever. But wait, there’s more. Apple didn’t stop there. They’ve gone and spruced up a couple of their Pro-level apps for the artists among us. These updates? They’re designed to squeeze every ounce of power out of the iPad Pro’s zippy M4 chip.

Let’s dive into Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro 2. These aren’t your average app updates. Nope. We’re talking major overhauls here. Redesigned from the ground up, these updates are a creative’s dream come true.

Starting with Final Cut Pro 2. This beast is all about letting you record and edit videos that look like a million bucks. Thanks to the new M4 chip, rendering speeds are through the roof. We’re talking twice as fast as the old M1-powered iPad Pro. And it can handle four times more ProRes RAW streams. Mind-blowing, right?

But here’s the kicker: Final Cut Pro 2’s new Live Multicam feature. Imagine connecting and previewing up to four cameras simultaneously. Directing videos and adjusting settings like exposure and focus on the fly? Yes, please. And to make things even sweeter, Apple’s rolled out a free app called Final Cut Camera. This little gem lets you hook up multiple iPhones and iPads to capture all those angles for a Live Multicam shoot. Plus, it syncs and transfers angles automatically. And editing directly off a drive? Genius.

Switching gears to Logic Pro 2. It’s a haven for music producers. The Drummer feature? It’s getting new AI-powered bandmates – a Bass and Keyboard Player. And the new effects? ChromaGlow is here to add that analog warmth to your digital recordings. Then there’s Stem Splitter, slicing up recordings into voice, bass, drums, and other instruments. All thanks to the mighty M4 chip.

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