Generative AI Editing May Soon Enhance iOS, iPadOS, and macOS Photos Apps

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  • Apple‘s interactive logo teaser for the “Let Loose” event hints at a potential AI editing feature, named “Clean Up”, for the Photos app in iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.
  • “Clean Up” is expected to replace the Retouch feature, offering advanced editing capabilities including the removal of larger objects from photos with a brush tool.
  • The upcoming iPad Pro (2024) models may feature OLED panels and be powered by the M4 chip, enhancing AI capabilities compared to current models.
  • Apple’s WWDC keynote on June 10th may provide a fuller preview of its AI initiatives, including updates to native apps like Notes, Calculator, Calendar, and Spotlight.


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Oh, did you catch the buzz? Apple’s got something cooking for Tuesday’s “Let Loose” event, and it’s not just about the usual tech flair. First off, AppleInsider caught a glimpse of something quirky on Apple’s site. The Apple logo went all interactive on us on Monday, transforming into a sort of digital eraser game. Users got to play around, erasing parts of the logo with their mouse. Neat, huh?

Now, the streets are talking. Some folks reckon it’s Apple hyping up their new Apple Pencil Pro. That’s the rumored name for their next-gen digital scribbler, expected to drop Tuesday. But wait, there’s more. Others are digging deeper, thinking it’s not just about a fancy stylus. They’re whispering about a hint at something bigger – generative AI editing for the native iOS, iPadOS, and macOS Photos app. Imagine that!

In the macOS 15 sneak peeks, there’s this feature called “Clean Up.” It’s nestled right there in the edit menu, cozying up with adjustments, filters, and cropping in the revamped Photos app. “Clean Up” is the new kid on the block, taking over from the old Retouch feature. It’s not just any upgrade; it’s supposed to be a whiz at editing, even yanking out larger objects from photos. Users testing the waters can fiddle with a “brush tool” to highlight what they want gone. And get this – the size of the “brush tool” is adjustable, making it a breeze to target both the pesky small and bulky objects.

Fast forward to tomorrow, and Apple’s expected to pull the curtain back on the new iPad Pro (2024). Word on the street is these will be the first iPads to flaunt OLED panels. Fancy, right? And there’s chatter about an M4 chip powering these beauties, boasting more AI muscle than the M2 and the rumored M3 chips. If Apple spills the beans on the M4 tomorrow, it could be our sneak peek into their AI ambitions.

Though Apple’s keeping its AI cards close to its chest until the WWDC keynote on June 10th, we might catch a glimpse of “Clean Up” in action tomorrow. It’s rumored to grace not just the Mac and iPhone but the iPad too. And there’s talk of Apple sprucing up its native Notes, Calculator, Calendar, and Spotlight apps later this year.

So, how’s the Apple Pencil gonna play into this? It might just be our magic wand for photo edits in the iPad Photos app, courtesy of “Clean Up.” Eyes peeled for tomorrow, folks. By around 7:35 am PT/10:35 am ET, when the event wraps, we’ll know if Apple’s given us a peek at the future.

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