20.3-Inch Foldable MacBook Development Confirmed by Top Analyst

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  • Ming-Chi Kuo, a highly regarded Apple analyst, predicted the innovative features of the iPhone X months before its release, showcasing his accuracy and insight into Apple’s developments.
  • Kuo has recently discussed the potential for Apple to produce a foldable MacBook with a 20.3-inch screen, expected to enter mass production in 2027, indicating a clear development schedule for this product.
  • Despite rumors of a foldable iPhone or iPad, Kuo’s latest survey suggests that Apple’s focus is on the foldable MacBook, with no clear development timeline for foldable versions of the iPhone or iPad.
  • Apple has reportedly halted the development of a foldable iPhone due to concerns over durability and utility, further suggesting that a foldable MacBook is more likely to be released than a foldable iPhone or iPad.


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Ming-Chi Kuo, ever heard of him? The guy’s practically a legend when it comes to Apple gossip. Remember that bombshell about the iPhone X’s “revolutionary” camera? Yeah, that was him.

Way before the big reveal, Kuo had the scoop on the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the X. He even knew about the face recognition thing replacing Touch ID. And get this – back then, we all thought the iPhone X was gonna be called the iPhone 8.

So, Kuo dropped another hint recently. On “X” (whatever that is), he’s talking about Apple’s plans for a foldable iPhone or iPad. Spoiler alert: it’s not happening anytime soon. But, a foldable 20.3-inch MacBook? That’s on the agenda, aiming for a grand entrance in 2027.

Kuo’s pretty tight-lipped about the details. Just throws out there that this MacBook’s screen is gonna be massive when it’s unfolded. And that’s about all we get.

Now, onto the juicy bits. Seems like everyone dreaming of a foldable iPhone or iPad might wanna dial back their expectations. Kuo’s making it clear: the MacBook’s the only foldable toy Apple’s seriously playing with.

Rumors had been swirling about a clamshell iPhone. That dream? Pretty much dead in the water last month. Apple was all in until they weren’t, thanks to some durability drama.

Turns out, a Samsung display they were testing for the foldable iPhone went kaput after just a few days. Yikes. That’s got Apple thinking maybe a foldable iPad’s the way to go. Less pocket time, more durability, right?

But then, there’s the MacBook angle. If an iPad can be thicker and tougher, why not a MacBook? Seems like that’s where Apple’s placing their bets. So, for anyone holding their breath for a foldable iPhone, might be time to let that dream go.

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