2023 Google Play Awards Honor AI Innovators and Cross-Device Experiences

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  • Google has announced the winners of this year’s Play Users’ Choice Awards, with users voting in categories such as best apps, games, and books.
  • New award categories were introduced this year, including “Best with AI” and “Best Game for Good”, highlighting apps that are innovating with the latest technology.
  • The best overall app of the year was Imprint: Learn Visually, which offers bite-sized lessons on a variety of topics, while the best game was Honkai: Star Rail, a sci-fi role-playing game.
  • Users voted ChatGPT as the best app for 2023, reflecting the increasing integration of AI into daily life.

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Google kicked off the month by releasing the nominees for the Play Users’ Choice Awards this year. Users got to vote in three categories: best apps, games, and books. Well, the verdict’s out, and we’ve got the juicy details on both user favorites and the editors’ top picks for the best apps and games of 2023. Ready to dive in?

This year, Google decided to spice things up a bit. They introduced some fresh award categories, highlighting apps that are making a big splash with the latest tech. We’re talking categories like “Best with AI” and “Best Game for Good.” They also gave a shout-out to experiences that work smoothly across various devices. Categories like “Best Multi-device App and Game” and “Best for Google Play Games on PC” were born.

The best overall app of the year? That honor goes to Imprint: Learn Visually. This app serves up bite-sized lessons packed with visual storytelling, making concepts come alive. Whether you’re into psychology, history, health, tech, or more, this app’s got you covered.

The best game of 2023 has been crowned, and it’s Honkai: Star Rail. This sci-fi gem is packed with rich content, eye-popping visuals, and thoughtful design. Plus, it’s got a dash of lore and character backstories that keep you hooked. It’s a hit with both hardcore RPG fans and newbies.

Spotify snagged the top spot in the Best Multi-device App category, sharing the spotlight with the game OUTERPLANE – Strategy Anime. OUTERPLANE caught the editors’ eyes with its “ability to easily work across multiple devices.” It’s a standout among other turn-based strategy games on Play. But what do the users think about the best of the best in apps, games, and books this year?

Not surprisingly, with AI becoming a bigger part of our lives, Google Play’s users have declared ChatGPT as the best app for 2023. This OpenAI chatbot is so popular, even Elon Musk (who’s working on his own AI chatbot, Grok) said, “ChatGPT is scary good.”

The people have spoken. The best game of 2023, according to users, is MONOPOLY GO! Now, let’s check out the winners in different categories:

Best apps of 2023:
Best for Fun: Bumble For Friends: Meet IRL
Best for Personal Growth: Voidpet Garden: Mental Health
Best Everyday Essential: Artifact: Feed Your Curiosity
Best Hidden Gem: Aware: Mindfulness & Wellbeing
Best with AI: Character AI: AI-Powered Chat
Best for Families: Paw Patrol Academy
Best App for Good: AWorld in support of ActNow
Best for Watches: WhatsApp Messenger
Best for Tablets: Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw
Best for Chromebooks: FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation
Best for Google TV: Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies
Best for Cars: Amazon Prime Video

Best games of 2023:
Best Multiplayer: Farlight 84
Best Pick Up & Play: MONOPOLY GO!
Best Indies: Vampire Survivors
Best Story: Honkai: Star Rail
Best Ongoing: Stumble Guys
Best Games for Good: Pokémon Sleep
Best on Play Pass: Magic Rampage
Best for Tablets: Honkai: Star Rail
Best for Chromebooks: Minecraft
Best for Google Play Games on PC: Arknights

Best books of 2023:
“In the Lives of Puppets” by TJ Klune
“The Covenant of Water” by Abraham Verghese
“All the Sinners Bleed: A Novel” by S.A. Cosby
“Bellies: A Novel” by Nicola Dinan
“The Art of Scandal” by Regina Black
“Hijab Butch Blues: A Memoir” by Lamya H
“Fourth Wing” by Rebecca Yarros
“Girls Like Girls” by Hayley Kiyoko
“Boys Weekend” by Mattie Lubchansky
“The Creative Act: A Way of Being” by Rick Rubin

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