2024 Apple Forecast: Siri’s Major Evolution with Generative AI, Not Vision Pro, as Key Player

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  • Apple is potentially focusing on a significant update for Siri, aiming to introduce ChatGPT-like conversational abilities and image generation capabilities in 2024.
  • Despite traditionally lagging behind due to privacy-focused data collection policies, Apple is reportedly investing heavily in training its own powerful language model, Ajax, to enhance Siri’s functionality.
  • The upcoming Siri update is expected to integrate closely with Apple’s Vision Pro AR/VR headset, indicating a strategic move towards more immersive and intelligent user interfaces.
  • Apple’s efforts to maintain its privacy-oriented image while introducing advanced AI capabilities into Siri could redefine user expectations around virtual assistants and their role in daily life.


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March has rolled around, and oddly enough, there’s no Apple event in sight. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Is Apple so wrapped up in the hype of its Vision Pro headset that it’s letting its other products gather dust? I’m not entirely sold on that theory. And honestly, I’m betting the Vision Pro isn’t the only trick Apple’s got up its sleeve for 2024.

We’ve been hearing whispers about Siri getting a major overhaul at WWDC 2024. Yep, Siri. That virtual assistant that’s been hanging out on iPhones since 2011 might finally be stepping up its game. It could even leapfrog over its rivals this year. Here’s my take on why this is a big deal and what it could potentially lead to, based on the chatter so far.

Imagine Siri, but with ChatGPT-like chit-chat skills. We’re talking about actual understanding here, not just reacting to basic commands and keywords. And get this—there’s talk of image generation features being in the mix too!

Lately, Siri’s been trying to act more human, keeping the convo going after the first command and attempting to piece together what you’re really after. But let’s be real—it’s still playing catch-up with Alexa and Google Assistant. The main reason? Apple’s notorious for not scooping up as much user data as its rivals do, which puts Siri at a bit of a disadvantage.

But here’s the kicker—reports are now saying Apple’s pouring millions daily into training its own language model, Ajax. The word on the street (or rather, from The Information via The Verge) is that Ajax is packing more punch than ChatGPT. And if the stars align, the next Siri update might just recognize and whip up images for you. Microsoft’s Copilot and others are already playing in this sandbox. Ever asked an AI to conjure up something totally out-there, like the pope in a puffer jacket? Yeah, we’ve all seen those wild images.

Of course, AI’s not without its boundaries. Generating pics of real folks or anything that could stir up trouble is off-limits now. Given the recent buzz around Google’s AI, drawing those lines can be pretty tricky. But I’m guessing Apple will tread carefully, probably putting tight reins on what the new Siri can create or say. All in the name of keeping things as uncontroversial as possible, even if it means dialing back on some features.

But here’s the real kicker—can Apple pull this off while staying true to its privacy-first mantra? If Siri does get this ChatGPT-style makeover, it’s going to be a game-changer, especially with the Apple Vision Pro in the picture. Now, that’s a futuristic thought worth pondering.

Onto a slightly different note, I recently penned an editorial titled “Having a conversation with your AI phone: Why this is the future, and just plain exciting.” It was my attempt to unpack the marvels (and slight eeriness) of conversational AI. If Apple does endow Siri with these rumored capabilities, we’re looking at a future where our gadgets aren’t just smart—they’re witty companions.

This leap towards conversational, generative AI isn’t just for the tech geeks anymore. It’s about to hit the mainstream in a big way, and that’s both thrilling and a tad unsettling. But let’s not get sidetracked. The point is, a Siri that can chat up a storm and even recognize images would slot right into Apple’s grand vision. We’re talking about the Vision Pro here, which, at the moment, feels like a bulkier iPad with a unique twist.

But fast forward a bit. Imagine slimmer, sleeker AR glasses equipped with a Siri that’s always on, always aware. It could help you navigate the world, identify anything you glance at, and provide instant info on the fly. Sure, this might sound like a pipe dream in 2024, but we’re slowly getting there.

This year could be the one where Apple narrows the gap, or even overtakes, its competition with a smarter, more private AI model. That’s a huge leap towards the future we’re all curious (and maybe a bit anxious) about.

So, what’s your take? Does the thought of an all-knowing Siri excite you, or does it give you the heebie-jeebies? And do you think Apple will deliver a jaw-dropping Siri update this year? Let’s chat.

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