2024 Apple iPad Pro: 18-Hour Battery Life & 5,000 Nits Brightness Outshine 12-Year Lifespan

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  • Apple is planning a special physical event on May 7 to unveil the new iPad Pro (2024) models, marking the first such event for iPad Pro unveilings since 2018.
  • The 2024 iPad Pro is expected to feature a dual-stack or tandem OLED display technology, promising a significantly longer lifespan and other benefits like high brightness and reduced power consumption.
  • Despite the potential for a longer lifespan, the average tablet replacement cycle suggests that consumers may not keep their devices for as long as the technology allows.
  • Enhancements in the new iPad Pro models include ultra-thin and light displays with LTPO, 120Hz refresh rate, and potentially up to 18 hours of battery life due to the new display technology and more efficient processors.


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Oh, boy. Apple’s at it again. They’ve got this event set for May 7th next week. Everyone’s buzzing because it seems like they’re about to drop the next iPad Pro (2024). And not just one size, but the usual duo – an 11-inch and a 12.9-inch. But here’s the kicker: they’re throwing an actual, in-person event for it. Yeah, like with people and a keynote. They haven’t done that since the iPad Pro 3rd-gen back in ’18. So, this has got to be big, right?

They’re talking about this new dual-stack or tandem OLED display thingy. Supposed to last more than a decade. The event’s slogan, “Let loose,” kinda hints at that, doesn’t it? Makes you wonder if we’re looking at iPads that’ll outlive our pets.

But, here’s the thing. These fancy OLED panels? They’re supposed to quadruple the screen’s lifespan. Great for cars, sure. But for an iPad? I mean, most folks swap out their tablets way before a decade’s up. Statista even says the average tablet gets replaced after about 6 years. By 2027, the iPad Pro (2024) will already be a senior citizen in tech years.

Apple’s pretty stoked about their new iPad Pro series. Enough to show it off in person rather than just blasting out a press release. But, let’s be real. Even Apple must know it’s a stretch to think people will keep these tablets twice as long as the average.

So, why bother with this rare and pricey dual-stack OLED from LG (and Samsung for the smaller one)? Well, who wouldn’t want better battery life and brightness? Ross Young, a big deal in the display industry, says these OLED panels are top-notch. We’re talking LTPO, 120Hz refresh, tandem stack, glass thinning… The works. Ultra-thin, light, bright, and energy-efficient.

But, to the average Joe strolling into an Apple Store, the longevity of the display is probably the last thing on their mind. They’re there for the shiny new tech. Perfect color accuracy? Sure, thanks to Apple’s meticulous display calibration. But the real magic? It’s in that tandem OLED tech. No more worrying about burn-in, just incredible brightness and efficiency.

Roland Wooster from VESA spills the beans on how this tech achieves such feats. Two layers of organic diodes, each adding its own benefits, allowing for mind-blowing brightness levels. Honor even dropped a phone with this tech, hitting 5,000 nits of peak brightness. And the power savings? Up to 40% less juice needed.

Those dazzling displays on iPads have always been power-hungry beasts. But with this new screen tech and a more efficient processor, we could be looking at 18 hours of screen-on time. That’s huge. Sure, Apple might not win folks over by bragging about a 12-year lifespan. But those brightness and battery life improvements? That’s gold.

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