2024 iPad Air Series: Apple Updates FaceTime Camera

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  • Apple will introduce two new iPad Pro models with OLED displays from Samsung and LG, featuring high contrast ratios, deeper blacks, and more accurate colors, and consuming less energy.
  • The new iPad Pro (2024) tablets will be powered by the powerful 3nm M3 chipset.
  • Apple plans to expand the iPad Air line to include a new model with a larger 12.9-inch display, alongside the standard 10.9-inch model, both powered by the 5nm M2 chipset.
  • The iPad Air (2024) will introduce a “Landscape Ultra Wide camera” for FaceTime, moving the camera to the horizontal center to facilitate video calls in landscape orientation, and will support Center Stage technology.


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Big changes are on the horizon for Apple’s iPad lineup this month. For starters, there’s buzz around the introduction of an iPad with an OLED panel. Yep, you read that right. Not just one, but two new iPads – the 11-inch and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2024) models. They’re expected to boast OLED displays from tech giants Samsung and LG. What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, these panels promise high contrast ratios, deeper blacks, and colors so accurate, they’ll make your jaw drop. Plus, they’re kinder to your battery.

But wait, there’s more. The heart of these new iPad Pro models? A powerhouse 3nm M3 chipset. Meanwhile, the iPad Air (2024) is also making its debut. Apple’s shaking things up by expanding the iPad Air into a two-tablet series. Imagine having a choice between a cozy 10.9-inch model or sprawling out with a 12.9-inch display. And powering these beauties? The robust 5nm M2 chipset.

Now, for a twist. The iPad Air’s getting more than just a size upgrade. Apple’s rethinking the front-facing FaceTime camera. Speaking of which…

Over on Weibo, a leaker known as Instant Digital spilled some tea. According to him, Apple’s not just stopping at screen sizes. They’re repositioning the FaceTime camera to the horizontal center. Why, though? So you can video chat without awkward angles while your iPad’s lounging in landscape mode. They’re calling it the “Landscape Ultra Wide camera.”

Currently, the iPad Air (2022) has its FaceTime camera perched at the top in portrait mode. But when you flip it to landscape, the camera awkwardly shifts to the side. Clearly, Apple’s caught on and is switching things up. Interestingly, the 10th-generation iPad was the pioneer in landscape FaceTime cameras. But it only supported the first-gen Apple Pencil, dodging any magnetic interference issues.

The plot thickens with the iPad Air (2024). Both models in this series are set to support the second and third-gen Apple Pencil accessories. And yes, they’re also getting the Center Stage feature, just like the fifth-gen iPad Air (2022). This tech wizardry uses AI to keep you perfectly in frame, even if you’re pacing during a call. So, there you have it. Apple’s gearing up for an exciting month, and we’re here for it.

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