2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air Release Date: March 26, According to Report

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  • A rumor suggests that Apple will release the OLED iPad Pro series and two new iPad Air models on March 26th, featuring the first-ever OLED display on iPads and potentially powered by the 3nm Apple M3 chipset.
  • The new iPad Pro models are expected to have a landscape-oriented front-facing camera, a redesigned rear camera bump, and support for MagSafe wireless charging.
  • The iPad Air (2024) is rumored to include a new larger 12.9-inch model alongside the traditional 10.9-inch display, equipped with a 4nm M2 chip and a landscape-oriented front-facing camera.
  • Despite initial rumors of a March release, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg suggests the release could be pushed to later next month due to iPadOS 17.4 development, with Apple likely to announce the new iPads through a press release rather than an event.


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Oh, have you heard? There’s this buzz from Asia hinting that Apple’s about to shake things up with their OLED iPad Pro series. And guess what? They’re throwing in two fresh iPad Air models into the mix, all set for a grand reveal on March 26th. Imagine that!

Now, let’s dive into the juicy bits. We’re talking about the 11-inch and the whopping 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2024) models. These bad boys are making history as the first iPads to flaunt an OLED display. Plus, rumor has it they’re going to be powered by the beastly 3nm Apple M3 chipset. Fancy, right?

But wait, there’s more. Apple’s apparently decided to give the front-facing camera a new home in landscape orientation. They’re even sprucing up the rear camera bump and throwing in MagSafe wireless charging support. Talk about a makeover!

Now, onto the iPad Air (2024). Word on the street is Apple’s adding a larger 12.9-inch model alongside the traditional 10.9-inch display variant. These gadgets are expected to be kitted out with a 4nm M2 chip and, you guessed it, a landscape-oriented front-facing camera.

So, where’s all this info coming from? A Chinese website, It Home (hat tip to MacRumors), claims Apple’s dropping these new tablets on March 26th. That’s like, a week from tomorrow (if today were Tuesday). They’ve got this date pegged based on when Amazon listings for third-party protective cases are set to go live. But, plot twist, this clashes with a recent scoop from a well-respected tech journo.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about Mark Gurman. Over the weekend, this Bloomberg guru, who’s usually on the money with Apple news, cleared up some confusion in his Power On newsletter. Gurman, pointing out that iPadOS 17.4 (tailored for the new tablets) won’t be ready until the end of March or early April, suggested a slight delay. He reckons the new iPad Pro (2024) series and iPad Air (2024) series launch might be pushed to later next month.

Oh, and here’s a kicker – Gurman says Apple’s gonna skip the whole event shebang for the iPads. They’re planning to just drop a press release on the Apple Newsroom website. Classic Apple move, right?

But hey, whenever these tablets decide to grace us with their presence, they’re expected to bring along a new Apple Pencil and a revamped Magic Keyboard designed specifically for the iPad Pro (2024) line. Can’t wait to see what they’ve cooked up!

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