2024 iPad Pro Color Expectations

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  • Apple is rumored to be preparing for a quiet launch of new iPad Pro models, with the last models released in 2022.
  • The new iPad Pro models for 2024 are expected to come in two sizes, similar to previous versions: an 11-inch model and a 12.9-inch (or potentially 13-inch) model.
  • Color expectations for the iPad Pro (2024) models are based on previous iterations, with predictions for Silver and Space Gray options to continue.
  • While there are no confirmed new colors for the iPad Pro (2024) models, the possibility remains open for Apple to introduce additional color options.


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*Header image: the iPad Pro 11-inch from 2022*

Apple’s up to something. Quietly, rumors suggest, they’re prepping for the launch of the newest iPad Pro models. It’s been a minute since the last release in 2022. So, yeah, we’re due for an update.

Leaks and whispers have been floating around about Apple’s flagship tablet series. Yet, everything’s still kinda cloaked in mystery. In this piece, we’re diving into the colors we might see for the iPad Pro 2024 models. No leaked colors or renders yet, folks. So, we’re playing the guessing game based on past Pro-branded iPads.

This year, expect the usual duo: an 11-inch model and its bigger sibling, maybe bumping up to 13 inches from 12.9. Likely, they’ll share the same color wardrobe. So, let’s chat about both, shall we?

**iPad Pro (2024) colors: what to expect**

The iPad Pro series? It’s Pro for a reason. Don’t expect a rainbow explosion of colors. Apple typically opts for more, let’s say, sophisticated hues. The 2022 iPad Pros? Just Silver and Space Gray. We’re betting Apple’s sticking to its guns this year too.

Expect a Silver that’s almost white under certain lights. And the classic Space Gray. Both scream premium without trying too hard.

**iPad Pro (2024) in Silver (expectations)**

The 2022 iPad Pro in Silver? It’s got that premium, stylish vibe. Perfect for those tired of the dark tech aesthetic. If the new iPads keep this shade, expect a light gray that seamlessly blends with the frame.

**iPad Pro (2024) in Space Gray (expectations)**

Space Gray. It’s a staple, from the entry-level iPad to the beastly iPad Pro 12.9-inch. We’re pretty sure it’ll make a comeback in 2024. It’s the color that means business without being too loud. And yes, expect the frame to match.

**iPad Pro (2024): are new colors expected?**

So far, the rumor mill’s been quiet on new colors. But, who knows? Apple might surprise us with a new hue or two. Or maybe Silver and Space Gray are enough. If anything new pops up, we’ll be sure to update you. Meanwhile, what colors are you hoping for? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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