2024 iPad Pro May Feature Optional Pro Display XDR Upgrade

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  • The upcoming 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2024) models are rumored to feature OLED displays, transitioning from the previous mini-LED displays.
  • There might be an option to choose between two types of glass for the display: a new matte-glass display and the traditional glossy screen.
  • The information about the matte-glass display option comes from a leaker named Instant Digital on Weibo, though their track record for accurate leaks is not yet established.
  • Apple‘s implementation of a matte display option could lead to a significant price increase, potentially around 20% more than the standard models, based on the pricing strategy seen with the Pro Display XDR’s nano-texture glass option.


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Oh, the whispers and murmurs about Apple’s next big thing – the new iPad Pro duo – were kinda hush-hush for the longest time. That is, until a few months back. Suddenly, leaks started to trickle in, stirring up the tech world’s curiosity.

Now, let’s talk about what’s got everyone buzzing. The 11-inch and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro models set to drop in 2024 are rumored to be getting some snazzy upgrades. And oh boy, the most thrilling among these? The much-awaited OLED displays. Yep, you heard right. Even the 2022 models were rumored to make the jump from mini-LED to OLED. Sadly, that didn’t pan out. But hey, 2024 could be the year, right?

Digging a bit deeper into the 2024 iPad Pro display gossip, there’s a juicy tidbit floating around. It seems buyers might get to pick from two different types of glass for their shiny new tablet. Imagine that – the first iPad Pro with a matte-glass option alongside the usual glossy screen. Fancy, huh?

This scoop comes courtesy of a leaker who goes by Instant Digital on Weibo. Now, a word of caution – Instant Digital isn’t exactly known for their spot-on predictions. So, maybe take this with a grain of salt.

Oh, and here’s a screenshot of Instant Digital’s original Weibo post, just in case you’re curious.

AppleInsider chimed in on this, noting that Apple’s no stranger to anti-reflective tech. Remember the Pro Display XDR with its nano-texture glass? That thing’s pretty neat at cutting down glare while keeping the contrast sharp. But, if you’ve ever fancied buying one, you’d know the nano-texture option costs a pretty penny. Like, a thousand bucks more. That’s a whopping 20% hike from the base price.

So, if we’re playing the guessing game, slapping on a matte display to the 2024 iPad Pro could bump the 12.9-inch model’s price from $1099 to a steep $1319. The 11-inch model wouldn’t be spared either, potentially jumping from $799 to $959. But hey, this is all speculation at this point. Just some food for thought.

Honestly, with Apple often rolling out new features to the iPad Pro lineup ahead of the iPhone, this rumor doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Especially considering the buzz about the iPhone 17 possibly flaunting an anti-reflective and scratch-resistant display in 2025. Wouldn’t it be something to see this tech grace the 2024 iPad Pro series? Only time will tell.

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