2024 Pixel 7 Outshines Galaxy S24 Ultra and Nothing Phone 2 as More Affordable Choice

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  • The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro offer exceptional value in 2024, challenging the notion that newer premium flagships like the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Pixel 8 Pro are worth their high prices.
  • Despite being a year older, the Pixel 7 Pro provides a competitive camera system, AI features, and software support that rivals much more expensive models from Samsung and Apple.
  • Google’s strategy of pricing their premium phones more affordably, combined with their rapid depreciation, positions the Pixel 7 series as a unique contender against both mid-range and premium flagships.
  • Looking ahead, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are anticipated to become even better deals after a year of their launch, suggesting a pattern of Google’s old flagships offering remarkable value over time.


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Ah, the age-old debate of flagship vs. new flagship vs. mid-range phones. It never gets old, right? Now, if you’re already rocking a Galaxy S24 Ultra or a Pixel 8 Pro, you might not find this chat relevant. And that’s totally okay. Congrats on your new tech toy!

But hey, what if you’re all about getting the most bang for your buck in 2024? Then, my friend, the Pixel 7 and its Pro sibling should be on your radar. I swear, I’m not being paid to say this. I just can’t help but rave about a good deal when I see one.

It’s just… when you stack the Pixel 7 family against the likes of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and the Pixel 8 Pro, or even the more affordable Nothing Phone 2a, the price tags on those newer models seem a tad steep. Not convinced? Let me dive a bit deeper.

Samsung and Apple’s premium flagships are hitting the roof with their prices. And at $350, the Pixel 7 Pro feels like a protest sign against that trend.

Honestly, the idea of dropping a grand on a phone never sat well with me. My iPhone 13 mini? Snagged it for $450 on eBay. Despite the fancy labels—Pro, Ultra, Titanium—phones from Samsung, Apple, and even some Chinese brands are pricier than ever. And I’m not a fan.

Take the Galaxy S24 Ultra, for example. I’ve been using it for a week. Great phone, sure. But is it “$1,000 better” than a refurbished Pixel 7 Pro from BestBuy or eBay? Hardly.

Beyond the anti-reflective coating and a few AI gimmicks, the S24 Ultra is just another phone under the sun. And the Pixel 8 Pro? Same story. It seems smartphones are reaching a plateau.

For $500 new or $350 refurbished, the Pixel 7 Pro boasts one of the best displays and camera systems at this price. A 5x optical zoom that rivals the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s? Check. Google’s AI features like Gemini assistant and Magic Eraser? Double check.

Plus, the Pixel 7 series is in for two extra OS updates from Google, faster than any other Android phone, and three more years of security patches. The battery life might not be groundbreaking, but it’ll get you through the day.

And let’s not forget, this “old but gold” flagship comes with IP68 water/dust resistance and wireless charging. Talk about value.

Switching gears to the standard Pixel 7, it makes the new Nothing Phone 2 and Galaxy A55 seem overpriced.

If spending less is your goal, the vanilla Pixel 7, now as low as $250 for a refurbished model, is a steal. That’s like, what, a fancy dinner in NYC or Paris? The 6.3-inch display and lightweight design hit the sweet spot for most.

Sure, its 90Hz OLED display isn’t the top of the line, but for the price, it’s a close second. And the camera? It’ll give any $250-400 phone a run for its money, minus the 5x zoom.

Like its Pro sibling, the Pixel 7 enjoys the same AI perks, two extra OS updates, three years of security patches, and decent battery life. Plus, it’s got IP67 rating for water/dust resistance and wireless charging. Good luck finding that in any other $250 phone, or even the $330 Nothing Phone 2a.

Even now, my Pixel 7 Pro’s camera gives the $1,300 Galaxy S24 Ultra a run for its money.

In challenging conditions, like indoor or low-light settings, the Pixel 7 Pro and Galaxy S24 Ultra perform surprisingly similar. Sure, the Galaxy might edge out in Portrait mode and video quality, but for social media? The Pixel 7 Pro is more than enough.

Remember, a refurbished Pixel 7 with the same camera setup as the $350 Pixel 7 Pro is out there for $250. And that’s facing off against Samsung’s latest $1,300 flagship!

The Pixel 7 and Pro models make both the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Nothing Phone 2 look overpriced. And that’s kinda wild.

Despite not being mainstream, Google’s phones have shifted my view on what “great value” means in a unique way. Thanks to Google’s aggressive pricing and the rapid depreciation common to Android phones, these old flagships challenge budget, mid-range, and other flagships all at once.

A year and a half post-launch, the $250-500 Pixel 7 and Pro models make even premium flagships and solid mid-rangers seem overpriced. The price gap between the $1,300 S24 Ultra and $350 Nothing Phone 2a? Simply remarkable.

Looking ahead, the Pixel 8 and Pro models will likely be even better deals a year after their release. More AI, better cameras, and a whopping 6 years of OS updates if you snag them at the end of 2024!

For Apple enthusiasts, imagine a $300 iPhone that makes both the $400 iPhone SE and $1,200 iPhone 15 Pro Max seem overpriced. Hard to picture, right? That’s the Pixel 7 series for you in 2024.

Ironically, the only real competition comes from within the family—the mid-range Pixel 7a. Still, I’d argue the Pro is worth the extra dough.

So, if you’re not in a rush but keen on snagging the best deal, maybe wait for the Pixel 8 and Pro models to celebrate their first birthdays. They’re shaping up to be even better deals than their predecessors, with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a Google flagship.

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