87% of US Teenagers Own an iPhone: New Survey Reveals High Satisfaction and Repurchase Intentions

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– 87% of US teenagers own an iPhone
– 88% of US teenagers intend to buy another iPhone in the future
– 34% of US teenagers own an Apple Watch
– Apple Pay ranked first in payment app usage with 42% of respondents having used it

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The latest survey from investment bank Piper Sandler has confirmed what we already knew – young people love the iPhone. Despite economic downturns, teenagers remain loyal to Apple and have no intention of switching to Android. The survey included 9,193 teenagers aged 15.7 years old across the US, and the results are impressive. 87% of teenagers in the US own an iPhone, and 88% said they plan on purchasing another one in the future. It’s worth noting that these figures are consistent with the results from the previous survey in April 2023.

When it comes to smartwatches, there has been a slight decrease in ownership between April and October. In April, 35% of surveyed teens owned an Apple Watch, which increased from 31% in October 2022. However, the figure dropped to 34% for October 2023. If these results are representative of the entire population of US teenagers, it would mean that around 14 million Apple Watches are currently being used by youngsters.

Apple continues to dominate the payment app market. In the survey, Apple Pay ranked first, with 42% of respondents having used it in the month prior to being surveyed. This comes as no surprise, as Apple has established itself as a leader in this sector.

As for AR/VR devices, the survey revealed that the ownership of VR devices has increased slightly. 31% of teenagers now own a VR device, up from 29% in April 2023. However, actual usage of these devices has declined from around 14% to around 10%. Perhaps teenagers are eagerly awaiting the Vision Pro in 2024.

Overall, this survey reaffirms the appeal and popularity of Apple products among teenagers. With a high ownership rate of iPhones and strong intentions to repurchase, Apple’s dominance in the teenage market shows no signs of wavering.

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