Adaptive Touch Feature Coming to Pixel 9 Series

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  • Adaptive Touch is a feature that adjusts touch sensitivity to the environment, activities, and screen protector, making touch inputs effective even in challenging conditions like rain or sweat.
  • The feature was discovered in Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1 and is confirmed to debut on the 2024 flagship Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro handsets according to new code found in Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2.
  • Google has a history of introducing new features with its latest flagship Pixel releases and later making them available to older Pixel models and even non-Pixel Android and iOS users, as seen with the Magic Eraser feature.
  • While the introduction of Adaptive Touch in the Pixel 9 series could enhance its appeal, it is uncertain if it will significantly impact users’ decisions to switch from other brands like iPhone or Galaxy S series to Pixel.


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So, last month, we spilled the beans about Google’s latest brainchild – the Adaptive Touch feature. It was a sneaky find. A code snippet unearthed in February by the Android guru, Mishaal Rahman, hinted, “Touch sensitivity will automatically adjust to your environment, activities, and screen protector.” Basically, come rain or high water (or, you know, just sweat), your Pixel’s touchscreen won’t throw a fit. It’ll just work, thanks to Adaptive Touch. While Rahman stumbled upon this gem in Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1, he was scratching his head over whether it’d grace the Pixel 8a and Pixel 9.

Fast forward to now, and Android Authority’s got the scoop. Rahman’s latest treasure hunt in Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2’s code unearthed a nugget. Adaptive Touch is dubbed a “P24” feature. Translation? It’s hitting the shelves with the 2024 flagship Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro handsets. While it’s a shoo-in for the Pixel 9 series debut, the big question mark is whether Google will – or even can – retro-fit this cool tech onto older Pixel models.

Here’s the kicker: Adaptive Touch is set to be the crown jewel of the 2024 flagship Pixel 9 series. (Hat tip to Android Authority for the image scoop!) It’s a classic Google move. Roll out a shiny new feature on the latest and greatest Pixel, then play hard to get by keeping it exclusive. Why? To get folks buzzing and, well, buying. But, give it a bit of time, and Google might just sprinkle a little magic, making the feature available on older Pixel models that can handle it. Remember the Magic Eraser from the Pixel 6 in 2021? Fast forward about a year and a half, and boom – it’s party time for all Pixel models. Heck, even the non-Pixel Android crowd and the iOS brigade with Google One and the Google Photos app got in on the action.

Now, if Google’s gearing up to unleash Adaptive Touch with this year’s flagship Pixel 9 series, it’s gonna be interesting to see the fanfare it gets. Will it be the game-changer that lures iPhone die-hards or Galaxy S aficionados to jump ship to the Pixel 9? Eh, probably not. But hey, that doesn’t dim the shine on this nifty feature one bit.

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Derrick Flynn
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