AI Email Summaries for Gmail on Android Nearing Launch

What you should know

  • Google is testing a new feature called Summarize in the Gmail app for Android, which uses its AI model, Gemini, to automatically generate summaries of lengthy emails.
  • The Summarize feature, already available as a premium feature for Workspace users on the web version of Gmail, aims to save users time by condensing emails into key points with a simple tap of a button.
  • The functionality was first spotted in the code of an earlier version of the Gmail app, but recent updates have shown significant progress, with the “Summarize this email” button now operational.
  • While the Summarize feature is powered by the advanced AI model Gemini and currently requires a Google One AI Premium subscription on the web, it’s unclear if the mobile version will also require a subscription.

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Oh, the dreaded email backlog. It’s like a bottomless pit, isn’t it? But hey, Gmail for Android users might just be in for a treat soon. Word on the street (or rather, the digital grapevine) is that Google’s cooking up something neat. They’re testing a new gizmo called Summarize. It’s all about AI magic, using something named Gemini to shrink those long-winded emails down to bite-size pieces.

This nifty tool isn’t exactly new to everyone. Over on the web version of Gmail, the Workspace crowd has been playing with it for a bit. But, it’s a premium thing there. Imagine having that kind of power in the palm of your hand, though. With a tap, bam, emails shrink to just the juicy bits. Time saved, sanity preserved, and your inbox doesn’t look like a monster anymore.

Some eagle-eyed code whisperer, AssembleDebug, stumbled upon this gem in the guts of the Gmail app’s code. Version 2024.03.31.621006929, to be exact. But back then, it was just a tease – a “Summarize this email” button that didn’t do squat. Fast forward a bit, and Android Authority drops a bomb. The latest version, 2024.04.21.626860299, has the button working! It’s not just for show anymore; it actually does the thing.

So, what’s the secret sauce? Gemini, Google’s brainy AI, is the muscle behind the magic. This isn’t your average smartypants AI. We’re talking about a powerhouse that can chew through data, spit out code, and even get what you’re telling it to do. But here’s the kicker – on the web, you’ve gotta be part of the Google One AI Premium club to use Summarize. Makes you wonder, will the Android gang need to flash their membership cards too?

Now, don’t get too antsy. This whole Summarize feature is still under wraps, sort of a “coming soon” deal. But it’s zipping along at a decent clip, so we might not have to wait too long to see it in action. The big question is, how’s Google gonna play this? Will they dangle it in front of us like a carrot, only to slap a price tag on it?

The thought of having AI-powered summaries at our fingertips is kinda thrilling. It could change the game for how we handle emails on the go. Here’s hoping Google keeps it in the realm of the cool and accessible, not locked away behind a paywall. Fingers crossed, right?

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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