Amazon Slashes Pixel Watch Price by 50%, Ideal Time to Purchase

What you should know

  • The Google Pixel Watch is currently at its lowest price on Amazon, making it a great time to purchase an Android smartwatch.
  • The Pixel Watch combines the best of Google and Fitbit, offering smartwatch features and health-tracking capabilities. It can track workouts, steps, sleep, heart rate, and can even take an ECG.
  • As a smartwatch, it offers functionality beyond fitness tracking, with Google apps like Assistant, Maps, Calendar, and Pay working well on the device. Third-party apps can also be downloaded via the Play Store.
  • The LTE Pixel Watch, which allows for cellular connectivity, is currently available for $200 less than its original price of $399.99 on Amazon. This variant allows users to make calls and respond to messages even without their phone.

Full Story

Google’s Pixel Watch is making waves. It’s hit its lowest price on Amazon, making it the perfect time to snatch up an Android smartwatch.

The Pixel Watch isn’t just a smartwatch. It’s a stylish accessory that combines the best of Google and Fitbit. It brings smartwatch-like features and health-tracking capabilities right to your wrist.

Its design? Minimalistic. It pairs well with both work attire and casual outfits. And the comfort level? Top-notch. It’s more comfortable to wear than other leading smartwatches. You won’t feel any pressure on your wrist.

But it’s not just about looks and comfort. It’s about functionality. The Pixel Watch can track a range of workouts, count your steps, and monitor your sleeping habits. It’s got your heart rate covered too, with continuous monitoring and even ECG capabilities.

And remember, this isn’t just a fitness tracker. It’s a smartwatch. That means it offers functionality beyond just fitness tracking. Google apps like Assistant, Maps, Calendar, and Pay? They all work well on the device. And third-party apps? You can download them via Play Store.

Battery life? Solid. It lasts 24 hours on a single charge. And Google isn’t done adding new features. They routinely update the watch with the Pixel Feature drop. So, you won’t miss out on much by not opting for Watch 2 instead.

The price tag for the LTE Pixel Watch is $399.99. But Amazon’s offering a $200 discount. That’s a 50 percent price cut. And the price has never dropped below this.

This variant has cellular connectivity. So, you can use it to make calls and respond to WhatsApp or Discord messages even when your phone’s not around.

So, why should you go for this deal? If you want a wearable for personalized health monitoring that can also help reduce reliance on your smartphone, this is it. It lets you do things like control your smart home lights, view notifications, listen to podcasts, and pay for gas and meals when you’re out and about.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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