Android 14 Native Share Sheet in Google Photos Rolling out Broadly

What you should know

– Google is dropping the custom share sheet in favor of the system-wide one used across Android.
– The customized share sheet in Google Photos prioritizes sharing within the same application.
– The new share sheet includes a small preview of the selected image and options for editing, creating links or albums within Google Photos, and direct sharing options to external apps.
– The new share sheet is currently rolling out for Pixel 8 Pro users on Android 14, but has not yet been released for large-screen devices or earlier versions of Android.

Full Story

Google Photos users on Android 14 are starting to see a change in the share sheet. Traditionally, the app had its own custom share sheet that prioritized sharing within the Google Photos application. However, Google has decided to adopt the system-wide share sheet used across Android. This means that while there will still be Google Photos-specific options at the top, sharing outside of the application will now be more prominently displayed.

In the new version of Google Photos, users will now see a small preview of the selected image, followed by options to edit with the markup tool and perform Google Photos-specific actions such as creating links or albums. This will be followed by direct sharing options to other apps facilitated by the system-wide share sheet. It was initially anticipated that this change would coincide with the release of Android 14, but it appears to be rolling out more slowly.

According to reports, the new share sheet is currently available in version 6.56 of the app for Pixel 8 Pro users on Android 14. However, it has not yet been made available for large-screen devices like the Pixel Fold or Pixel Tablet. Additionally, users on Android 13 or earlier will not have access to the updated share sheet.

The shift to the system-wide share sheet aims to provide a more consistent sharing experience across Android devices. By integrating Google Photos into the standard share sheet, users will have easier access to sharing options outside of the app. This change improves usability and streamlines the sharing process for Google Photos users.

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