Android 15 Beta 1.1 Update Fixes NFC and Google Wallet Contactless Payments

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  • Google has released a minor patch for the Android 15 Beta program, aimed at fixing stability issues and bugs, particularly those affecting NFC functionality and Google Wallet.
  • The Android 15 Beta 1.1 patch addresses specific issues including NFC problems, a crash in the Developer Options settings screen, update issues on some devices, and a text clipping issue during printing.
  • This patch is available for eligible Pixel devices enrolled in the Android Beta Program, including a wide range of Pixel models from the Pixel 8 series to the Pixel Tablet.
  • Participation in the Android 15 Beta program is open to users with eligible Pixel devices, but it comes with a caution due to potential instability, highlighting the importance of backing up the device before joining.


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Google just rolled out a teeny-tiny patch for the Android 15 Beta program. It’s not a biggie, but it squashes some pesky bugs that were bugging beta testers in the first Beta release. The main goal? Making things more stable, not throwing in a bunch of new features.

But hey, don’t get it twisted. While it’s not shaking up the world, this patch is a lifesaver for folks who couldn’t use Google Wallet or other NFC tricks. So, what’s in the Android 15 Beta 1.1 patch? Let’s dive into the changelog:

– NFC issues that messed with wallet apps and other NFC stuff? Fixed. (Yeah, there’s a bunch of issue numbers, but who’s counting?)
– That annoying crash when you poked around in Developer Options? Gone. (Issue #333941833, if you’re curious.)
– Some devices acting up and not updating right? Sorted. (Couple of issue numbers for that one, too.)
– And, oh, the text clipping thing when trying to print? Fixed that, too. (Because who doesn’t love a well-printed document?)

Now, who gets this patch? If you’ve got a Pixel device that’s in the Android Beta Program, you’re in luck. We’re talking Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and a whole bunch of other Pixels down to the Pixel Tablet. If you’re on Android 15 Beta 1, Android 14 QPR3, or the Android 15 Developer Preview, you’ll see an OTA prompt to update. And if you’re on the first Android 15 Beta, you really wanna grab this update to fix those bugs.

Thinking about testing Android 15 Beta on your Pixel? Head over to the Android Beta for Pixel site. Just a heads-up, though: beta versions can be a bit wobbly, so back up your stuff first. Remember the NFC hiccup with Android 15 Beta 1? Yeah, let’s not have a repeat of that with your daily driver.

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