Android 15 Enhances Notifications Page and Lockscreen Usability in Landscape Mode

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  • Most people prefer to hold their phones in portrait orientation for ease of use and security, but landscape mode is preferred for activities like streaming video.
  • Google is making changes to Android 15 to improve the user experience for those who prefer using their phone in landscape mode, including the ability to rotate the lock screen and a redesigned notifications page.
  • The redesigned notifications page in landscape will utilize previously wasted space, making Quick Settings and other elements always visible and easily accessible.
  • The landscape-optimized UI for the lock screen is still under development, with Google working to fix minor bugs before its full release.


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Oh, the way we hold our phones, right? Most folks seem to gravitate towards portrait mode. It’s just easier, you know? You can grip it with one hand without feeling like you’re gonna drop it any second. But then, there’s landscape mode. Ah, landscape. Perfect for when you’re diving into a video and craving that wide-angle cinematic glory.

Now, here’s the scoop from Mishaal Rahman over at Android Authority. Google’s got some plans for Android 15 that’ll make the landscape lovers sing. Ever tried rotating your lock screen on stock Android 14? Nope, doesn’t budge. And the notifications page? Sure, it flips, but it’s kinda… meh. You get this awkward layout where the notifications barely take up space, and there’s just so much wasted room. Plus, it’s not exactly a looker.

The top bit? It’s cluttered with these Quick Settings edit buttons, all squished together. And if you wanted to tweak something simple, like the brightness? Get ready for a mini workout, swiping down to unearth those hidden gems like the brightness slider, a few shortcuts, and that elusive Quick Settings icon.

But hold up, Google’s on it. They’re revamping the whole landscape notifications scene in Android 15. Imagine this: all that dead space? Gone. Those hidden controls? Now they’re out in the open, ready for your tapping pleasure. The new setup’s got this neat 2 x 2 grid for the Quick Settings buttons, with the brightness slider on full-time display.

Your notifications, those Quick Settings tweaks, the power menu, and more? All there, right in your face, no extra swiping needed. Rahman’s take? It’s like they shrunk down a tablet’s notification page to snugly fit your phone. Pretty slick.

But wait, there’s a bit of a “but” here. The landscape lock screen? Still a bit of a fixer-upper, with a few bugs buzzing around. Yet, for those who live and breathe landscape mode, this is like early Christmas. Google’s smoothing out the rough edges, gearing up to roll out this polished landscape notification UI and a revamped lock screen that respects your orientation preference.

So, landscape aficionados, rejoice! The future’s looking wide (screen).

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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