Android Auto 10.6 Release: Possible Wireless Connection Termination Shortcut

What you should know

– New “Disconnect” button added to Android Auto app for wireless connections to vehicles
– Button allows users to easily disconnect their phone from the car’s infotainment system
– Useful for cases where multiple users are in the car and do not need to be connected
– Update to Android Auto app version 10.6 includes bug fixes and may include the disconnect feature

Full Story

The latest update to the Android Auto app has introduced a new feature that many users are finding quite handy: a “disconnect” button. This option allows you to quickly and easily disconnect your phone from your car’s infotainment system when using a wireless connection. The button appears as part of the Android Auto notification shade on Android phones.

It is unclear whether this feature is specific to version 10.6 of the Android Auto app or if it is just being tested with a limited number of users. Regardless, it is a welcome addition for those who find it inconvenient or time-consuming to disconnect from the system. Previously, users would have to resort to putting their phones in airplane mode, turning off Bluetooth, or physically disconnecting the Android Auto adapter. Now, with a simple tap of the “Disconnect” button, users can easily terminate their Android Auto connection and go back to using their phone normally.

The new feature is particularly useful in situations where multiple users are connected to the car’s infotainment system. Instead of going through the hassle of toggling settings or unplugging adapters, users can now rely on the “Disconnect” button to quickly switch between connected devices.

The updated version 10.6 of the Android Auto app is now available for download via the Play Store. While there is no guarantee that this update includes the disconnect feature, it does come with the usual bug fixes that users can expect from these releases. Overall, the addition of the “Disconnect” button is a small but significant improvement to the Android Auto experience, providing users with a convenient way to disconnect their phones from their car’s infotainment system.

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