Android Chrome to Support Preferred Password Managers Soon

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  • Google Chrome for Android is introducing a change that allows users to choose their preferred password manager, reducing the need to switch to other browsers for this feature.
  • This new setting, spotted by Leopeva64, is available in the Stable, Beta, and Canary builds of Chrome on Android but requires enabling the experimental flag “enable-autofill-virtual-view-structure”.
  • Once the experimental flag is enabled, users can select their preferred autofill provider, such as LastPass, Bitwarden, or 1Password, making password management more flexible.
  • Although this feature is currently in development and not fully functional, indicating that more testing and improvements are needed, it represents a significant step towards enhancing user control over password management in Chrome.


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Oh, the times are a-changin’. Google Chrome, the giant that sits comfortably as the default browser on countless Android phones, isn’t the only player in town. Nor is it necessarily the best, depending on who you ask. You’ve got Firefox, flaunting its hefty extension support like a peacock. Then there are those privacy-centric browsers, armed to the teeth with anti-tracking tech, whispering sweet nothings about security into users’ ears. Tempting, right?

But wait, Chrome’s throwing a curveball. It’s shaking off one of the big reasons folks have been tempted to jump ship. Remember the days when Chrome for Android had you handcuffed to its own password manager? Those days are fading away. There’s a new kid in town, a hidden setting that’s playing matchmaker between Chrome and your favorite password manager.

So, if you’re into LastPass, Bitwarden, or 1Password, get ready to party. You can now hook them up with Chrome on your Android device, no fuss. This little gem was unearthed by a curious soul, Leopeva64, on X. They were digging through code, as one does, and bam! There it was.

Here’s the scoop: To get this party started on Stable, Beta, and Canary builds of Chrome on Android, you’ve gotta flirt with an experimental flag first. It’s called “enable-autofill-virtual-view-structure.” A bit of a mouthful, but hey, it’s the key to the kingdom. Once you’ve wooed that flag into submission, a shiny new autofill option pops up in settings, letting you pick your poison: stick with Google Password Manager or dance with another.

I went rogue and chose Microsoft Authenticator as my date to the autofill prom. Just to see how it feels, you know? Here’s a snapshot of how it usually goes down in the Stable version of Chrome for Android:

— Leopeva64 (@Leopeva64) March 18, 2024

But, uh, don’t get too excited just yet. According to the folks over at Android Police, this feature’s still a bit like a teenager – awkward and not quite there yet. Some users tried to save a new password, and Chrome just shrugged. Clearly, there’s some homework to be done before this feature graduates to full-fledged functionality. Expect more tests, tweaks, and maybe a few late-night cramming sessions before it sheds its experimental flag.

For a long time, Chrome’s rigid stance on password management was a thorn in the side for the pro-password-manager crowd. This integration, once it’s polished and ready for prime time, promises to smooth over those rough edges. It’s all about giving you the reins, letting you decide how you want to manage your passwords while you surf the web on Android.

So, yeah, there’s a bit more waiting to do. A little more polish needed. But hey, isn’t it nice to have something to look forward to? Chrome on Android just got a bit more interesting.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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