Android Users to Receive Two-Page Document View in Google Drive

What you should know

– Google Drive is getting a new two-page layout on large screens, such as foldable phones and tablets.
– The new layout allows users to see two consecutive pages side by side and view more content on the screen at once.
– The two-page layout addresses a long-standing complaint from foldable device users who found the portrait-only layout difficult to navigate.
– The timeline for when the two-page layout will become widely available is currently unknown.

Full Story

Google Drive is introducing a new two-page layout option for large screens, such as foldable phones and tablets. Currently, the layout stretches out the same portrait UI to fit landscape screens, which is not ideal. However, a beta test of this new layout has been spotted by @AssembleDebug on X, and it seems to be widely available with version 2.23.407.1 of the Google Drive app on Android.

With the new two-page layout, users will have an improved reading and scanning experience on large-screen devices. This feature allows users to view two consecutive pages side by side, making it easier to compare and contrast different parts of a document. Additionally, more content can be displayed on the screen at once, reducing the need to constantly scroll up and down.

For foldable device users, in particular, this layout option addresses a long-standing complaint. The previous portrait-only layout was not suitable for large screens and made it difficult to navigate between pages. However, with the introduction of the two-page layout, users will have a more seamless document viewing experience.

While there is currently no known timeline for when this feature will be widely rolled out, it is expected to be included in a future Google Drive app update. This improvement will be welcomed by users who heavily rely on Google Drive for productivity on their large-screen devices.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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