Android users upset by removal of homescreen app icon notification feature by Google

What you should know

  • Android 14 no longer shows notifications when long-pressing an app icon on the homescreen
  • Multiple users have complained about the removal of this feature, expressing disappointment and unhappiness
  • Google has confirmed that the removal of the feature was intentional and not a bug that could be reversed with a software update
  • Unless Google changes its decision, long-pressing an app icon on the homescreen will no longer show notifications

Full Story

In the newest update to Android, long-pressing an app icon no longer shows notifications. Previously, this was a useful feature that allowed users to quickly see a notification from an app by long-pressing the app’s icon on the homescreen. However, in Android 14, the feature has been removed and replaced with app shortcuts, App info, Pause app, and Widgets. The removal of notifications from the app icon long-press was first spotted when Google was releasing beta versions of Android 14 to those installed in the Android 14 beta program. Upon the stable version of Android 14 being disseminated in October, users realized that the notifications were missing, and complaints on the Google Issue Tracker soared to over 100.

One user expressed disappointment, saying, “Why would you remove such a useful feature? It is a really regressive step.” Another user echoed these sentiments, saying, “Just to add my disappointment, this feature was so helpful! Any plans to put it back?” Additionally, a user stated, “The removal of this feature was a bad move. It improved notification visibility, and it was extremely intuitive. Pass on the feedback to reverse this decision. It was definitely an ill advised move, especially for users who focus on productivity.” A Googler responded, “Thank you for reporting this issue. We have looked into the issue you have reported and would like to inform you that this is working as intended. It was removed in the latest update.”

The removal of the feature has caused frustration among Android users who were hoping that it could be reversed with a software update. Now, Android users need to understand that unless Google has a change of heart, long-pressing an app icon on the homescreen is not going to show notifications anymore.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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