Apple Adjusts Trade-In Values: Increases for Some Devices, Decreases for Others

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  • Apple has updated its Trade-In support page, adjusting the trade-in valuations for certain iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch models, with both increases and decreases in value.
  • The trade-in program allows customers to receive credit towards new Apple devices or recycle their old devices if they aren’t eligible for credit, promoting environmental sustainability.
  • Notable changes in trade-in values include an increase for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone SE 2, while the iPad, Apple Watch Ultra, and Apple Watch Series 7 saw decreases.
  • Apple has also adjusted the trade-in values for certain Android phones, offering up to $450 for a working Galaxy S23 Ultra with 256GB of storage towards the purchase of an iPhone.


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Oh, hey! Looks like Apple’s been fiddling with their Trade-In numbers again. Just a heads up, though: don’t expect your old gadgets to suddenly turn into a gold mine. Apple’s just tweaking things a bit here and there. They’ve got this whole spiel about the Trade-In program. Basically, it’s their way of saying, “Hey, give us your old device, and we’ll help you get a new one at a better price. And if we can’t use it, we’ll just recycle it. No harm, no foul.” Pretty neat for both your wallet and Mother Earth, right?

Now, onto the juicy bits. Not every device is getting a boost in trade-in value. Take the iPad, for instance. It used to fetch up to $260, but now? It’s capped at $250. And the original Apple Watch Ultra? It’s dropped from $390 to a more modest $365. So, yeah, not all sunshine and rainbows.

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom. Some devices are actually worth more now. The iPhone 14 Pro Max? That bad boy went from $620 up to $630. And if you’ve got an iPhone SE 2 lying around, you’re in luck. Its value jumped from $70 to $90. Not too shabby, huh?

However, it’s a mixed bag. While some devices like the Apple Watch Series 4 saw a slight increase, others like the Apple Watch Series 7 and SE 2 dipped a bit. And for those holding onto the first-gen Apple Watch SE, you’re in for a small treat—a $5 increase in trade-in value.

Oh, and for the Android folks out there, don’t feel left out. Apple’s made some adjustments for you too. Got a Galaxy S23 Ultra with 256GB? You could get up to $450 towards a shiny new iPhone. Wanna know more? Just hit up the Apple Trade In support page. They’ve got all the deets and directions you need.

So, what’s the takeaway here? Well, if you’re eyeing a new Apple gadget and have some old tech gathering dust, it might be worth checking out their Trade-In program. Just remember, the values are always changing, so keep an eye out for the best deal. And who knows? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

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