Apple Breaks Tradition by Adding More Buttons to iPhone 16 – Here’s Why

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  • Apple‘s iPhone 16 series is expected to include two additional buttons, moving away from the previously rumored “portless” and “buttonless” design.
  • The new buttons on the iPhone 16 lineup are anticipated to be the “Action” button, introduced in the iPhone 15 Pro, and a new “Capture” button, designed for enhanced camera functionality.
  • The “Capture” button is expected to be capacitive and pressure-sensitive, allowing for nuanced camera controls such as locking focus with a half-press and enabling seamless zoom with a swipe.
  • Apple’s decision to add more buttons to the iPhone 16, including a USB-C port, marks a significant design shift that could influence other smartphone manufacturers to incorporate additional functional buttons into their devices.


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Lately, there’s been a whirlwind of chatter about Apple’s next big thing. You know, the first iPhone that might ditch ports and buttons altogether? Yeah, that one. People have been letting their imaginations run wild, picturing what this tech marvel could look like and how it would function.

Just when we thought we were getting a glimpse of the future, Apple threw us a curveball. They axed the idea of haptic volume buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro. Those buttons would’ve reacted to pressure, kind of like the Touch ID on the iPhone SE.

Now, here’s the kicker: the iPhone 16 lineup, including the Plus and Pro versions, won’t be shedding buttons. On the contrary, they’re adding more! Compared to the iPhone 15, the new models are rumored to sport two extra buttons. Makes you wonder, whose buttons is Apple really trying to push?

So, about these buttons… Samsung might boast about having five cameras, but the iPhone 16 is gunning to be the flagship with the most buttons – a total of five.

Leaks have surfaced, showing dummy units of the iPhone 16 and its siblings. Each model flaunts five buttons on the sides, set to debut in 2024.

And while we’re all scratching our heads over Apple’s button-pushing agenda, it’s worth noting that Tim Cook and his crew decided to ditch the iconic Ring/Mute switch. Instead, they introduced the “Action button” on the premium iPhone 15 Pro. This year, it seems the whole iPhone 16 lineup will inherit this feature, along with a new “Capture” button we’ve been hearing whispers about.

The Action button is this nifty, multifunctional key that you can customize. It can even act as a camera shutter. But the Capture button? That’s where things get interesting. It’s designed for more precise control over photo and video capturing, with a pressure-sensitive design that lets you lock focus with a “half press” and snap a photo with a “full press.” Plus, you can swipe on it to zoom in and out. Pretty slick, right?

Online reactions to the iPhone 16’s new buttons have been a mixed bag. But let’s be real, more options are usually a good thing when it comes to tech.

Remember when Steve Jobs proudly announced the iPhone with its single button and massive screen? Fast forward, and now we’re adding buttons to the side. It’s a bit ironic, don’t you think?

Social media’s buzzing with opinions on the iPhone 16’s added buttons. Some folks find it odd, but hey, I’ve been championing for a dedicated camera button on phones for what feels like an eternity. Sony’s been on it, but I’m not about to switch teams just for that.

As someone who’s juggled the settings on my iPhone 15 Pro Max, deciding between using the Action button for the camera or to mute my phone has been a real dilemma. If slapping another button on the side is the solution, I’m all for it.

I’m crossing my fingers that Apple will amp up the functionality of the Action and Capture buttons. Imagine them doing different things based on the app you’re using. Now that would be something.

And let’s not forget the prediction game. I’m betting Samsung, Google, and Xiaomi will soon jump on the button bandwagon for their premium Android phones.

In the end, despite rumors of a portless and buttonless iPhone, the iPhone 16 is doubling down with two more buttons and a USB-C port. It’s a win whenever Apple decides to give us more features instead of taking them away.

Whether it’s a nod to Jony Ive’s departure or not, Apple’s current design choices are definitely shaking things up. Adding two extra buttons? That’s not something you see every day.

And when the iPhone 16 debuts with its new buttons, all eyes will be on the competition. The tech world loves to play follow the leader, after all. A Galaxy S25 Ultra or Pixel 10 Pro with extra buttons wouldn’t be shocking. But it sure would be interesting, wouldn’t it?

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