Apple Cancels Tablet Launch on March 26, Insider Confirms

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  • Apple is anticipated to release new iPad models, including the iPad Pro (2024) and iPad Air (2024), with conflicting reports suggesting a launch date of either March 26th or late April.
  • The iPad Pro (2024) series is expected to feature the first OLED displays on iPads, a landscape-oriented front-facing camera, a redesigned rear camera island, and the powerful 3nm M3 chipset.
  • The iPad Air (2024) line will introduce a 12.9-inch variant to offer a more affordable option compared to the OLED iPad Pro, featuring a landscape-oriented front-facing camera and powered by the M2 SoC.
  • New accessories, including a new Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, are expected to be released alongside the new iPad models.


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Oh, boy. Remember that buzz about Apple dropping some fresh iPad models on March 26th? Yeah, that scoop from the China Times we chatted about a few days back. Well, last year, Apple kinda broke a tradition. Since the dawn of the iPad era in 2010, they always had something new to show. But not last year. Nada.

So, what’s the tea for next Tuesday? Word on the street is Apple’s rolling out the new iPad Pro (2024) beasts and the iPad Air (2024) lineup. But, plot twist! Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman threw a wrench into the works. He’s like, “Hold up, folks.” Apparently, some hiccups with iPadOS 17.4 had Apple scrambling to get the software to the assembly lines just in the nick of time. Gurman’s betting on a late April show-and-tell for these gadgets. And he’s not shy about it, either. Dropped a “Not true” bomb on a tweet from MacRumors hyping up the March 26th date.

So, Gurman’s sticking to his guns with that late April prediction. But hey, March 26th or April, new iPads are on the horizon. Let’s dive into the iPad Pro (2024) series first. These bad boys are gonna be the first in their family to flaunt an OLED display. Fancy, right? Plus, they’re throwing in a landscape-oriented front-facing camera to give it more of that laptop vibe. Rumors are also swirling about a snazzy redesign for the rear camera setup. And the cherry on top? A powerhouse 3nm M3 chipset running the show in both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models.

Now, get this. With those swanky OLED displays, especially on the 12.9-inch model, prices are expected to climb. Apple’s solution? Introduce a 12.9-inch option in the iPad Air (2024) lineup. So, if your wallet’s feeling light but you’re dreaming big, the 12.9-inch LCD iPad Air might be your ticket. And yep, the iPad Air (2024) is also getting that landscape camera treatment, powered by the M2 SoC to boot.

But wait, there’s more. Apple’s also rumored to be unveiling a new Magic Keyboard and an updated Apple Pencil alongside these iPads. Will the March 26th date stick, or was Gurman right all along? Guess we’ll find out soon enough. Stay tuned, folks.

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