Apple ID Lockout Issue Affects iPhone, iPad, and Mac Users

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  • Many iPhone, iPad, and Mac users are experiencing issues being signed out of their Apple ID accounts across multiple devices, with complaints rising since Friday evening.
  • Users affected by the Apple ID outage are unable to log back in with their existing passwords, necessitating a password reset, which can be particularly challenging for those with Stolen Device Protection enabled.
  • The Apple ID issue is causing significant inconvenience for users needing access to Apple services like iMessage, iCloud, and App Store, and for those who use app-specific passwords for third-party apps.
  • Despite numerous complaints on social media platforms, Apple has not yet acknowledged the issue, leaving users and Apple Support perplexed about the cause and potential security implications.


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Oh, the digital age woes. iPhone, iPad, and Mac users are in a bit of a pickle. They’re getting booted from their Apple ID accounts left and right. It all kicked off Friday evening, and boy, the complaints on 9to5Mac are piling up. Yet, if you sneak a peek at Apple’s System Status page, it’s all green. No issues reported. But clearly, something’s off. The number of frustrated users says it all.

Now, here’s the kicker. Trying your old password? Forget about it. It’s a no-go. The only way back into the fortress is resetting your password. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. If you’ve got Stolen Device Protection turned on, prepare for a bit of a headache. This feature, while it’s a godsend for security, means you’re stuck waiting. And not just a quick coffee break wait. We’re talking at least an hour before you can even attempt a password reset.

Imagine this. You need access to iMessage, iCloud, App Store – basically, your digital life. And you’re told to cool your heels for an hour. Frustrating doesn’t even start to cover it. Especially if you’re in the middle of something that just can’t wait.

And then there’s the crowd that’s really in a bind. The folks who’ve gone the extra mile for security with app-specific passwords. Take Reddit user sleggat, for example. They were cruising along, using their email for logins. Then, bam! They’re forced to switch to a non-Apple email. Talk about a hassle. Updating all devices, creating a new app-specific password for apps like Spark? Not exactly how anyone wants to spend their day.

What’s really got people scratching their heads is Apple’s radio silence. Complaints are flooding in on Reddit, X, and other platforms. Yet, Apple seems to be in the dark. Or are they? One user on Mastodon, per The Verge, got a vague response from Apple Support. Something about “random security improvements.” Hmm.

This whole mess has some users questioning their loyalty to Apple’s ecosystem. Will this be the nudge they need to diversify their tech portfolio? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure – they’re hoping for a swift resolution. And maybe, just maybe, an explanation from Apple about what the heck happened.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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