Apple Invests $250 Million in Singapore

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  • Apple plans to invest over $250 million in expanding its campus in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore, marking a significant step in the company’s over four decades of presence and job creation in the region.
  • The expansion aims to provide space for growth and new roles, particularly in AI and other key functions, reinforcing Apple’s commitment to innovation and its role as a vital operations hub in Asia.
  • Apple’s expanded campus in Singapore will operate entirely on renewable energy, with the goal of achieving LEED Gold certification, highlighting the company’s dedication to sustainability and its carbon-neutral operations since 2020.
  • Since 2015, Apple has been a leader in promoting renewable energy in Singapore, being the first company to achieve full reliance on renewable energy through initiatives like installing solar panels on 800 rooftops.

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Singapore? It’s unique, no doubt about it. And guess what? We’re pretty tight with this vibrant mix of creators, learners, and the ones who dare to dream big. Our campus here is blossoming, and oh boy, are we jazzed about scribbling a fresh page in our story in this spot.

Tim Cook, the big boss at Apple, spilled the beans about expanding their footprint in Singapore. They’re throwing a cool $250 million into the pot to supersize their campus in Ang Mo Kio. This new chapter? It’s just the latest in a saga that’s been unfolding for over forty years, with Apple nurturing job creation and weaving tight-knit ties with the local folks. Plus, this expansion is a launchpad for growth in AI and a bunch of other crucial areas.

Flashback to 1981, Apple’s first rodeo in Singapore kicked off with a modest crew of 72. Their mission? To champion the Apple II, a personal computing game-changer. Fast forward to now, and their team has mushroomed to more than 3,600 souls, making magic in every corner of the company.

Today, Singapore isn’t just a dot on the map for Apple. It’s a buzzing hub, pulsating with vital operations for the region. We’re talking software wizards, hardware heroes, service savants, and support superstars. Not to mention, three Apple Stores that are always hopping.

The plot thickens with Apple’s next move in the Ang Mo Kio district. They’re rolling up their sleeves to start construction later this year, jazzing up two buildings they snagged in 2022. This facelift is all about knitting three spaces into one, fostering a haven for collaboration among Apple’s expanding crew.

And get this – the revamped campus will run entirely on renewable energy. Apple’s aiming for the stars, or in this case, LEED Gold certification, once they cross the finish line. Since 2020, they’ve been carbon-neutral in their corporate shenanigans and have been rocking 100% renewable energy since 2018.

But wait, there’s more. Apple’s been leading the green revolution in Singapore, way before it was cool. Back in 2015, they started slapping solar panels on 800 rooftops. Yep, they were the first in line in Singapore to go all-in on renewable energy. Talk about setting the pace, huh?

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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