Apple iPhone 15 Ad Highlights Relatable Scenario in Hilarious Fashion

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  • Apple‘s iPhone 15 series promotes a minimum of 128GB storage for most models, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max starting at 256GB, addressing the common issue of running out of storage space.
  • The last iPhone series to offer a minimum of 64GB was the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini in 2020, highlighting the progression in storage capacity in newer models.
  • An ad for the iPhone 15 features a user hesitating to delete photos due to emotional attachment, emphasizing the importance of ample storage for preserving memories.
  • The “Relax, it’s iPhone 15” campaign, including the ad showcasing the struggle of deleting photos to free up space, is part of Apple’s marketing strategy to highlight the generous storage options available in their latest models.


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Oh, the dreaded “Storage Almost Full” notification. It’s not just iPhone users who get this; it happens to the best of us. You’re merrily snapping away, capturing moments left and right until, bam, you’ve hit a wall. So, you roll up your sleeves, dive into your photos app, and start the great photo purge. It’s all fun and games until you stumble upon that adorable snapshot of your pup or those cherished moments with family and friends. Suddenly, it’s not so easy. You find yourself deleting memories just to make room for an app you’ll probably forget about in a week.

Enter the scene: Apple’s latest iPhone 15 ad. They’re flaunting the beefy storage options, starting at a whopping 128GB for most models. Oh, and if you’re feeling fancy, the iPhone 15 Pro Max kicks off at 256GB. Just imagine the photo hoarding potential! The iPhone 15 and its Plus sibling offer 128GB, 256GB, and even 512GB. As for the Pro versions, they go all out with up to 1TB. Remember when 64GB was a big deal? That was the iPhone 12 series, way back in 2020.

Now, picture this ad. There’s this guy, right? He’s trying to declutter his photo app, but the folks in the pics? They’re not having it. Each one bursts into “Don’t Let Go” by Terrace Martin, Mr. Talkbox, and PJ Morton. It’s a whole musical number in his hand. Our guy can’t bear to hit delete. Instead, he ends up snapping even more photos of his dog lounging on the couch. Classic!

And then, those words hit the screen: “Lots of storage for lots of photos. Relax, it’s iPhone 15.” It’s slick, really. Apple’s “Relax, it’s iPhone” campaign has been killing it. You’ll catch this ad in the midst of your binge-watching sessions or while you’re glued to the big game. It’s everywhere, reminding us all of the luxury of not having to choose between our apps and our memories.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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