Apple iPhone 16 Capture Button Mystery Solved by Case Dummies: Touchy or Clicky?

What you should know


  • The Apple iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro design is moving towards the trial production stage, with dummy units indicating a vertical camera setup and a new side capture button.
  • Rumors suggest the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max may feature larger screens, although this was not confirmed by the leaked dummy units.
  • A new set of leaked case dummies showcases a capacitive capture button for the iPhone 16 series, hinting at a move towards fewer physical buttons.
  • The capacitive capture button might be pressure-sensitive, potentially offering new functionalities for camera controls, such as picture and video capture modes or zooming controls.


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Oh, the buzz around the Apple iPhone 16 and its Pro sibling is just unstoppable, isn’t it? By now, the designs should be all set in stone. Apple’s gearing up to shift from the drawing board phase to actually making these beauties. That means we’re at that exciting moment when those first dummy units start sneaking out. You know, the ones case makers use to get a head start on their designs.

And, wouldn’t you know it, a set of these dummies for the iPhone 16 lineup has already made its debut. It’s like getting a sneak peek into Christmas presents. This batch gives us a juicy glimpse into two big design shake-ups. Firstly, yep, the rumors were spot on – we’re looking at vertical cameras this time around. And secondly, there’s this intriguing new button on the side that’s got everyone talking.

But, hold your horses. There’s another whisper on the wind about the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max flaunting bigger screens. Though, to be fair, those leaked dummies didn’t help much in confirming this. No point of reference, you see.

Just when you thought that was all, Sonny Dickson goes and drops another bombshell. A fresh batch of case dummies for the iPhone 16 and Pro Max has surfaced. And boy, do they hint at some exciting changes, especially with the case cutouts.

So, about those cutouts. The one for the camera? Expected. But the cutout for this new camera capture key? Now that’s stirring the pot. It’s not hidden away under the case, begging for a press. No, this one’s out in the open, just waiting for a gentle touch to spring into action.

Apple’s been toying with the idea of a buttonless iPhone, dabbling in capacitive power and volume buttons. But, it seems they hit a snag and backtracked. Instead, they’re channeling what they learned into this new capacitive key, nestled right below the power button. Word on the street is it’s dubbed the “capture button.” Sounds like it’s gonna play a big part in camera control.

Why make it pressure-sensitive, though? That’s the million-dollar question. Rumors are swirling that it could revolutionize how we snap pics or zoom in and out, especially with the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max rumored to sport the fancy Tetraprism camera.

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