Apple Launches Star Wars Themed iPhone 15 Series Ad

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  • Apple released a Star Wars-themed ad for the iPhone 15 series, possibly to coincide with May 4th, known as Star Wars day.
  • The advertisement features a character dressed as Boba Fett using the iPhone 15 Pro’s Precision Finding feature to locate his friends at a Star Wars convention.
  • The ad showcases the “Find My” app’s ability to guide users to the precise location of their friends, provided their iPhones support Ultra Wideband (iPhone 11 and later).
  • The “Relax, it’s iPhone 15” tagline concludes the ad, emphasizing the ease and functionality of the iPhone 15 series for Star Wars fans and general users alike.


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So, Apple dropped a Star Wars-themed ad for the iPhone 15 series today. Why today? Well, because tomorrow’s May 4th. You know, “May the Force be with you” day. It’s pretty clever when you think about it, but only the marketing wizards at Apple could tell us if the timing was intentional.

The ad’s a bit on the longer side. They’ll have to chop it down to bite-sized 30 and 15-second snippets for TV and streaming. Thankfully, there’s enough fluff in there to trim without losing the essence.

It kicks off with a guy calling his cat, Leia, to dinner. Seems ordinary, right? Wait for it. He stands up, and bam – he’s decked out in a full-blown Boba Fett costume. Helmet and all. Talk about commitment.

Next thing we know, our Boba Fett fanboy is holstering his iPhone 15 Pro – yeah, it’s part of the costume – and heading out. He strolls past his apartment, hits the sidewalk, and ducks into a doughnut shop flaunting a Boba Tea sign. Subtle, right?

He hops on a bus, dodging puzzled looks left and right. His text to a friend? “On my way.” The anticipation builds.

Exiting the bus, he’s now navigating the urban jungle. Business folks part ways, clearly baffled. Our hero ascends stairs towards what seems to be a hotel, only to be greeted by a canine AT-AT Walker. Adorable and hilarious.

And just like that, he’s hit a snag. Where are his friends? Out comes the iPhone 15 Pro. A quick iMessage, and he’s on the hunt, thanks to the “Find My” app. A giant arrow and a distance counter guide him through a sea of Star Wars enthusiasts.

After dodging some cantina band cosplayers, he finds his crew. All dressed as Boba Fett, naturally. The screen flashes, “Find your friends with Precision Finding.” Classic Apple, wrapping it up with the “Relax, it’s iPhone 15” slogan.

So, there you have it. Lost at a Star Wars convention? No sweat if you’ve got an iPhone 15 Pro. Just make sure your friends’ iPhones are up to snuff with Ultra Wideband (that’s iPhone 11 and later, folks).

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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