Apple May Develop Cheaper Vision Pro Version, iOS 17 Beta 2 Code Suggests

What you should know

  • There is speculation that Apple is working on a cheaper version of the $3,499 Vision Pro, as suggested by changes in code discovered on iOS 17 beta 2.
  • The cheaper version, possibly referred to as the Apple Vision, might feature lower-resolution displays and an Apple A-series iPhone processor to cut costs, and may not be released until 2025.
  • Some believe that the Vision Pro will lead to the development of Apple Glass, a pair of spectacles featuring Augmented Reality (AR) that could serve as a successor to the iPhone.
  • Apple Glass would allow users to see an AR version of their iPhone home screen through the glasses, eliminating the need to carry a smartphone around all day.

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There’s been a bit of a hullabaloo. Is Apple really working on a more affordable version of the $3,499 Vision Pro? Some folks think they’re shaving off some features to bring the price down.

9to5Mac stumbled upon some code in iOS 17 beta 2. It hinted at a cheaper spatial computer in the works. Previously, code strings referring to the Vision Pro were, well, “Vision Pro.” Now, they simply read “Vision.” The “Pro” has vanished.

9to5Mac shared an example. Code strings for the App Store used to say, “Mac, iPad, and Apple Vision Pro Apps.” Now, it’s “Mac, iPad, and Apple Vision Apps.” It seems like Apple’s making tweaks for a lower-priced Vision Pro.

Here’s a curious thing. On Apple’s online store, the tab for the spatial computer is labeled “Vision,” not “Vision Pro.” Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s Apple beat writer, has speculated the price for a cheaper Apple Vision could be between $1,500 and $2,500.

The cheaper Apple Vision might ditch the EyeSight feature. This is a display that lets folks around a Vision Pro user see the user’s eyes. It’s a way to read the user’s emotions.

The tab on Apple’s online store? It also calls the spatial computer “Vision,” not “Vision Pro.”

To save on costs, Apple could use lower-resolution displays and an Apple A-series iPhone processor. This would replace the high-powered M-series Mac processor that fuels the Vision Pro. The Vision Pro comes with the M2 chipset and the R1 co-processor.

If Apple is cooking up a cheaper spatial computer, the Apple Vision, we might not see it until 2025. Some believe the Vision Pro will pave the way for Apple Glass. This could be the next big thing, succeeding the iPhone.

Apple Glass? It would be a regular pair of spectacles with Augmented Reality (AR) features. It’s similar to the ill-fated Google Glass. With AR, computer-generated graphics overlay a real-world view.

Here’s a thought. Instead of lugging a smartphone around, Apple Glass users could see an AR version of their iPhone home screen through their glasses. All. The. Time.

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