Apple May Develop Technology for Thinner Next-Generation Apple Watch

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  • The next generation of Apple Watch, possibly named the Apple Watch Series X or Series 10, is expected to arrive in the fall of this year.
  • Despite expectations for a redesign, rumors suggest there may not be significant changes in appearance, but a new way to attach bands is anticipated.
  • Apple might use resin-coated copper for the logic board in the next Apple Watch, potentially making the device thinner and allowing for more space for additional components or sensors.
  • This new technology could enhance the durability and water resistance of the Apple Watch’s logic board, and by freeing up space, it may enable the inclusion of more health-centric sensors in the future.


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Oh boy, the buzz is real. We’re all on the edge of our seats for the next-gen Apple Watch. Might be called the Series X or Series 10, landing this fall. But hey, don’t hold your breath for a design overhaul. Seems like the rumors aren’t hinting at any major facelifts yet.

Now, here’s something spicy. We’ve caught wind of a new band attachment method. And, get this – DigiTimes, pretty reliable folks, spilled the beans on Apple possibly opting for resin-coated copper for the watch’s logic board. Why’s that a big deal, you ask? Well, this tech could mean a slimmer Apple Watch. That’s right, resin-coated copper equals a thin layer of copper foil hugged by resin.

This isn’t just about looks. Durability and water resistance could see a boost too. And imagine this – a skinnier logic board could free up precious space. Maybe for more sensors or, dare I say, a sleeker watch overall. In the cramped quarters of a smartwatch, every millimeter counts. Especially when Apple’s diving deep into health tech.

More room could mean more health sensors. Blood pressure, blood glucose (a long shot, but who knows?). Yet, the rumor mill’s been kinda quiet on the new Apple Watch front. Don’t expect an Apple Watch Ultra 3 to pop up just yet. But, in my two cents, the Ultra model would really benefit from this tech, given its size.

So, let’s not pop the champagne just yet. This tech might not debut till next year. But with WWDC around the corner, who knows what leaks will surface. Stay tuned!

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