Apple May Launch iPad Pro 2024 in March Due to OLED Production Issues, Shipping in April

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  • There is uncertainty regarding the unveiling and release date of the new iPad Pro (2024) and iPad Air (2024), with predictions ranging from late March to April, and no event planned for their introduction.
  • Apple is facing challenges with display procurement for the new tablets, particularly due to issues with suppliers Samsung Display and LG Display, leading to potential delays in shipment.
  • The iPad Pro (2024) will be the first in its line to feature OLED screens, with the 11.1-inch model’s OLED panels incorporating LTPO technology for dynamic refresh rates, leading to higher production costs.
  • The iPad Air (2024) series is expected to introduce a new 12.9-inch model alongside the standard 10.9-inch variant, offering consumers a larger option without the higher cost associated with the OLED iPad Pro model.


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So, when’s the big reveal for the new iPad Pro (2024) and iPad Air (2024) lines? Well, it’s a bit of a hot topic. Some folks are circling March 26 on their calendars. But then, you’ve got insiders like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman hinting at an April launch. The one thing everyone’s nodding about? Apple’s gonna skip the big event shindig and just drop the news in a press release. Kinda low-key, huh?

But wait, there’s a twist. Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) threw in their two cents. Caught by AppleInsider, DSCC’s hinting at a late March or early April sneak peek. But, and it’s a big but, those shiny new tablets won’t hit your doorstep ’til later in April. Why? Well, Apple’s hitting a snag getting those displays ready.

Here’s the scoop. Originally, Samsung Display and LG Display were splitting the job for the iPad Pro’s fancy 11.1-inch OLED screens. LG was on deck for the 12.9-inch ones. But then, sticker shock! Samsung Display ended up being the lone ranger for the 11.1-inch display. Thanks to some high-tech, low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) magic for smoother screen refresh rates, costs went through the roof.

Oh, and the iPad Air (2024)? It’s getting a makeover with a 10.9-inch model and, drumroll please, a brand new 12.9-inch option. Fancy, right? But, there’s a catch. Some of those high-tech design choices, like tandem stacks and glass thinning, they’re making production a headache and bumping up costs.

DSCC’s latest tea? LG Display’s stepping up for the 11.1-inch OLED panels, but Samsung’s struggling to meet the demand for the 12.9-inch ones. They’re predicting a 22% production boost in April for the larger screens, but it’s still not enough. Both Samsung and LG need to hustle to keep up with Apple’s appetite for the smaller iPad Pro (2024) screens. First time we’re seeing OLEDs on iPads, by the way.

Because OLEDs are pricier, Apple’s throwing in a second 12.9-inch iPad Air model. Seems they’re betting not everyone’s willing to shell out for the OLED iPad Pro. DSCC, known for getting it right on display gossip, mentioned that LCD displays for the 12.9-inch iPad Air started shipping back in December.

Given DSCC’s track record, it’s a safe bet the iPad Air (2024) lineup will flaunt both a 10.9-inch LCD screen model and a new, larger 12.9-inch LCD variant. Despite some naysayer shouting from the rooftops last week that it’s all smoke and mirrors.

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