Apple Negotiates Google Gemini AI License to Enhance Siri and iOS Features

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  • The upcoming iOS 18 update is anticipated to be a major release, potentially the biggest in iOS history, with significant AI enhancements including possible improvements to Siri.
  • Apple is in discussions with Google to license the Gemini AI technology, aiming to bolster Siri’s capabilities and introduce new AI-based features to iOS 18.
  • Any potential agreement between Apple and Google regarding Gemini AI would likely require approval from regulatory bodies such as the DOJ, due to existing scrutiny over their search engine deal.
  • On Android, the Gemini app allows users to opt-in to replace Google Assistant with Gemini, though some features are not supported; on iOS, Gemini can be accessed through the Google app.


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Oh boy, the buzz around iOS 18 is real. And it’s shaping up to be a game-changer, possibly the most significant update in the history of iOS. Why, you ask? Well, it’s all about the AI, baby. Apple’s planning to sprinkle some serious AI magic into the mix, with a hefty focus on giving Siri a much-needed facelift.

Now, don’t get all antsy; the release date’s still under wraps. But, mark your calendars for WWDC 2024 this June. That’s when the Apple folks are expected to spill the beans. iPhone enthusiasts, you’re in for a treat!

Remember 2011? Siri made her debut with the iPhone 4s, and it was like, “Wow, Apple’s really onto something.” Fast forward, and, um, not so much. Siri kinda got left in the digital dust by Google Assistant and Alexa. Talk about needing a comeback!

So, here’s the juicy part: Bloomberg’s whispering about Apple cozying up to Google. They’re eyeing Google’s Gemini AI. Yeah, negotiations are happening as we speak. Could this be Siri’s saving grace?

And there’s this neat tidbit – if you’re nosing around the Google app on iOS, you might spot the Gemini tab. That’s what we’re talking about. Apple’s not just stopping at buffing up Siri. They’re thinking bigger, aiming to infuse iOS 18 with all sorts of AI-driven goodies.

Now, Apple and Google aren’t exactly strangers. Google’s the go-to search engine on Safari, a deal that’s lining Apple’s pockets with a cool $20 billion a year. But, with the DOJ poking around, any new deals, especially something as big as this Gemini thing, will need a thumbs-up from the big guns at the Justice Department.

Android users, you’ve got a bit of a head start. The Gemini app’s right there in the Play Store. Fancy a change from Google Assistant? Gemini’s your guy. But, heads up, it’s not all smooth sailing. Some bits, like reminders and media control, might give you the cold shoulder.

Changed your mind? No sweat. Just hop back into the Gemini app, hit up your profile, and switch back to Google Assistant. Easy peasy.

iOS users, you’re not left out. Gemini’s lurking right under the digital assistant in the Google app. Keep your eyes peeled.

If Apple and Google can shake hands on this Gemini deal, Siri’s about to get a major upgrade. And isn’t that what we’ve all been hoping for? Here’s to a smarter, sassier Siri!

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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