Apple Pencil 3 May Feature Haptic Feedback

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  • The new Apple Pencil may come equipped with haptic feedback functionality, offering users tactile responses in certain situations.
  • Mark Gurman, known for accurate Apple predictions, suggests the next-gen Apple Pencil will be introduced alongside new iPads at Apple’s “Let Loose” event on May 7.
  • Additional rumored features for the Apple Pencil include three different squeeze gestures, interchangeable tips for various drawing or writing needs, and Find My functionality.
  • The introduction of these features is expected to enhance the overall user experience, making the Apple Pencil and the new iPads more appealing for creative tasks.


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Oh boy, have you heard? Rumors are swirling about the Apple Pencil getting not one, not two, but three different squeeze gestures. And that’s not all. There’s more buzz around the corner.

Mark Gurman’s the name dropping these juicy tidbits. He’s got a knack for predicting Apple’s moves, probably coz he’s got insiders feeding him info. In his “Power On” newsletter, he spilled the beans on something potentially game-changing.

The next Apple Pencil, possibly the third iteration, might just come with haptic feedback. Yep, you heard that right. Imagine it buzzing away in your hand to alert you about notifications. Or giving you a gentle nudge when you hover over a button. Kinda neat, huh?

Apple’s planning to unveil this tech marvel at their “Let Loose” event. It’s penciled in for May 7, alongside some shiny new iPads. The whole haptic feedback thing isn’t exactly new, though. There’ve been whispers and patents floating around for a while now.

I’m already on the edge of my seat here. The thought of swapping out tips for different tasks? Genius. And let’s not forget the rumored Find My feature. The Apple Pencil’s cool and all, but these upgrades? They’re about to make it indispensable.

“Let Loose” – even the event name’s got me dreaming of all the creative doors this could open. New iPads, a revamped pencil… the possibilities are endless. Excited? You bet I am.

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Life for Izzy? It’s all about embracing the moment, whether she’s out walking her Chihuahua or belting out tunes. Passion, curiosity, gratitude – that’s her mantra.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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