Apple Reportedly Discontinues FineWoven iPhone Cases and Apple Watch Bands

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  • The author decided to remove the case from their iPhone 15 Pro Max, experiencing minor drops but no damage, highlighting the phone’s durability even without protection.
  • Apple has reportedly ceased production of the FineWoven cases for the iPhone and bands for the Apple Watch due to poor durability, as indicated by a tweet from leaker Koustami.
  • The FineWoven case was criticized for looking worn out quickly and not offering sufficient protection for its price, leading to dissatisfaction among consumers.
  • Despite the discontinuation of the FineWoven case, the author expresses continued satisfaction with the feel and build quality of the iPhone 15 Pro Max without a case.


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So, earlier this month, I made a bold move. Decided to ditch the case on my iPhone 15 Pro Max. Just went full commando with it. Despite a few tumbles here and there, it’s still in mint condition. Feels pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

Now, I didn’t dive deep into this during my last rant, but the case I ditched? It was an Apple FineWoven case. Came with the review units of the iPhone 15 series. (Oh, by the way, the 15 Pro Max is mine. Bought it with my hard-earned cash.)

Saw a tweet this morning from this leaker, Koustami. Says Apple’s pulling the plug on the FineWoven cases for the iPhone. And those bands for the Apple Watch too. Apparently, they’re not holding up too well. Figured this was as good a time as any to share my two cents on the matter.

Usually, I’m all about that protection. Like, I need my phone to survive a drop from the top of Everest. But the FineWoven case? Eh, not so much. Felt like it barely added any armor to the phone. Yet, miraculously, my phone survived a few falls. Go figure.

Apple’s FineWoven cases? Stopped making ’em, so the rumors say.

The problem with the case wasn’t just about protection. It got grubby real fast. Looked like it had been through a mud wrestle after a short while. And for what Apple’s charging? $59? You can snag something way better for half that price online. Seems I’m not the only one griping about it. The internet’s kinda echoing my sentiments.

Hearing that Apple’s axing the FineWoven line isn’t exactly shocking news. To put it bluntly, the case was a letdown. “Below Apple’s usual standards,” if I had to sum it up.

Koustami’s tweet hints at Apple eyeing a different non-leather material for next year’s gear. Meanwhile, I’m still rocking the naked iPhone 15 Pro Max. And it’s still feeling pretty darn good in the hand.

I’ve had my fair share of smartphones. A mix of Androids and a sprinkle of iPhones. None felt as sturdy as this one. But, yeah, going caseless is kinda like walking a tightrope without a net.

If I ever circle back to using a case on this beast? It’s a no-brainer. The FineWoven won’t be making a comeback in my life.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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