Apple Rumored to Enhance Siri with LLM Integration in Apps

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  • Siri’s initial promise has not been fully realized, often failing to deliver single, direct answers to queries in comparison to competitors like Google Assistant.
  • Apple plans to enhance Siri and other native iOS apps with AI capabilities through the use of its Ajax Large Language Model (LLM), aiming to improve user experiences while maintaining privacy.
  • Among the anticipated AI features are text summarization, AI-enhanced search options, and document analysis, which could be integrated into apps like Siri, Messages, Mail, Spotlight Search, and Safari.
  • Apple’s focus on developing on-device AI capabilities aims to provide faster, more secure responses without relying on cloud-based servers, enhancing the functionality and user experience of Siri and other apps.


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Ah, Siri. Remember the buzz in 2011 when it first popped up on the iPhone 4s? The promise was huge. Yet, here we are, years later, and it’s like Siri’s still trying to find its footing. Especially when you stack it up against Google Assistant. You ask Google a question, and bam, you get one clear answer. Siri? Not so much. She’ll toss back a handful of websites for you to sift through. Talk about homework.

Now, for those of us who’ve been hanging onto hope for Siri, there’s some chatter about changes. Big changes. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is set to tease us with some AI makeover details on May 7th. Then, there’s the big reveal at WWDC 2024 on June 10th. Can’t wait, right? AppleInsider’s got the scoop that Apple’s planning to jazz up Siri and other native iOS apps with some AI magic. They’re talking about using this Ajax Large Language Model (LLM) thing to make our iPhones smarter. And not just smart, but also private and efficient.

But here’s the kicker – Apple seems to think the chatbot feature is more of a party trick. They’re aiming higher. They want to sprinkle AI features across the system apps. Imagine Siri giving you a neat summary of a text, or helping you search through your emails like a pro. And it’s not just Siri. Messages, Mail, Spotlight Search, Safari – they’re all getting a piece of the action.

Ever tried to dig up how Apple snagged Siri in the first place? Good luck. You’ll end up bouncing between three websites just to piece the story together. It’s like a digital scavenger hunt.

One feature I’m personally stoked about is this summarization tool for Safari. Picture this: you’re browsing, and Siri just hands you the gist of the page. No more wading through fluff to find the nuggets of info you need. And guess what? This tool is also making its way to the Messages app. Plus, Apple’s LLM is set to offer straightforward, on-device responses. No more sending your queries to the cloud and waiting around. It’s all about speed, accuracy, and keeping your stuff secure.

Apple’s planning to scoop up text from wherever – be it a text field, Safari, or Messages – and do its magic right on your device. With Tim Cook hinting at AI tidbits at the upcoming “Let Loose” iPad event, the anticipation is real. This buzz could carry Apple right through to the iPhone reveal in September.

And if Siri finally gets it right with summarizing websites? That could be the game-changer we’ve been waiting for. Here’s to hoping Apple’s AI announcements live up to the hype this year.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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