Apple to Unveil Apple Pencil Pro Tomorrow, Code Suggests

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  • Apple is expected to introduce a new Magic Keyboard with an aluminum build and a new version of the Apple Pencil during its “Let Loose” event.
  • The rumored features for the latest Apple Pencil include changeable tips, support for the Find My app, and a new “squeeze” gesture for quick additions of stickers, shapes, signatures, or text.
  • Code found on Apple’s Japanese website suggests the introduction of an Apple Pencil Pro, indicating a premium version of the digital writing instrument.
  • Apple plans to unveil new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro tablets with OLED panels, a landscape-oriented front-facing camera, and powered by a powerful M4 chip. Additionally, a new 12.9-inch iPad Air model with an LCD panel will be announced to offer a more affordable option.


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Oh boy, Apple’s gearing up to dazzle us again, huh? Tomorrow’s the big day – their “Let Loose” event kicks off bright and early at 7 am PT/10 am ET. Can’t wait!

So, here’s the scoop: they’re rolling out the new iPad Pro (2024) and iPad Air (2024) lines. But wait, there’s more. They’ve got some updated accessories up their sleeve too. One of these is a shiny new Magic Keyboard. It’s got an aluminum build that’s gonna make the iPad Pro tablets look more like sleek laptops. Fancy, right?

And get this – a new Apple Pencil is on the horizon too. Expected to be unveiled Tuesday morning. There’s a buzz around town (well, the internet) about this new pencil. Rumor has it, it’ll have changeable tips and support for the Find My app. Oh, and a new “squeeze” gesture for popping in stickers and whatnot. Sounds neat!

AppleInsider did some digging and found hints of the Apple Pencil Pro on Apple’s Japanese website. If the rumors hold water, this means Apple’s adding this latest gadget to its “Pro” lineup. And, knowing Apple, this “Pro” version won’t come cheap. The second-gen Apple Pencil already sets you back $129. So, brace your wallets!

Speaking of the Apple Pencil Pro, AppleInsider spotted the name on Apple’s site. Makes you think, doesn’t it? The original pencil, still going strong at $79, works with a bunch of iPads. But it’s been a hot minute – six years, actually – since the second-gen pencil dropped. An update’s long overdue.

Last year was a bit of a bummer, with no new iPads to get excited about. Felt weird, right? Especially since we’ve been on this ride since Steve Jobs showed off the first iPad in 2010. But tomorrow, that all changes. We’re expecting to see new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro tablets. And guess what? They’re rumored to have OLED panels for the first time. Plus, a landscape-oriented front-facing camera and a beefy M4 chip with enhanced AI capabilities.

But, OLED ain’t cheap. So, the new iPad Pro tablets might have a heftier price tag. To keep the dream alive for those of us watching our budgets, Apple’s also introducing a new 12.9-inch iPad Air model. It’ll have an LCD panel but at a more palatable price point. Both the 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Air models will feature that handy landscape-oriented front-facing camera and be powered by the M2 chip.

Don’t forget to check in with PhoneArena tomorrow. They’ll have all the juicy details and analysis from the “Let Loose” event. Can’t wait to see what Apple’s got in store for us!

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Derrick Flynn
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