Apple Watch Ultra 3: No Major Upgrades Expected in This Year’s Release

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  • The Apple Watch Ultra 3 is rumored to have “almost no” hardware upgrades for its fall of 2024 release, contradicting earlier speculations of a microLED display.
  • Despite the lack of significant hardware improvements, the Apple Watch Ultra 3 might still offer new features like a new Apple S10 chipset, maintaining the design and most specifications from its predecessors.
  • The potential for a reduced price point for the Apple Watch Ultra 3 could make it an irresistible option for many consumers, especially if it inherits advanced health monitoring features from the non-rugged Apple Watch Series 10 (or Apple Watch X).
  • The Apple Watch Series 10 and the next Apple Watch SE are both anticipated to launch in the fall, with the Series 10 expected to include major health monitoring enhancements and the SE to potentially share the new S10 processor with its more expensive counterparts.


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Was the OG Apple Watch Ultra too much of a good thing? Packed to the brim with features, it made us pause and think. Then came the Apple Watch Ultra 2, about seven months back. And here we are, scratching our heads again as whispers of the next rugged beast, the Ultra 3, start floating around.

Rumors had it flaunting a microLED display, something no other smartwatch has. But today, the grapevine suggests a different story for the fall of 2024. “Almost no” hardware upgrades, they say. And that 2025 release rumor? Seems less likely now, especially with Ming-Chi Kuo keeping mum on the juicy details. So, microLED? Probably not happening.

What’s the Ultra 3’s deal then? Well, it’s all guesswork, but Kuo dropped a hint. Perhaps it’ll flex more muscle with an Apple S10 chipset, yet keep everything else pretty much the same. Not exactly thrilling, right? But picture this: a rugged smartwatch by Samsung or Google, boasting a 1.92-inch OLED screen with a 3000 nits brightness. Throw in a customizable Action Button and a double-tap gesture. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

That’s the essence of the Apple Watch Ultra 2. And with no big changes expected for the Ultra 3, maybe—just maybe—the price might dip below the steep $799. Now, wouldn’t that be something? A “boring” update that could still make waves.

And then there’s the non-rugged sibling, the Apple Watch Series 10, or should we say, the Apple Watch X? It might just bring to the table blood pressure tracking, sleep apnea detection, and blood glucose monitoring. If so, the Ultra 3 would surely follow suit.

But are we setting our hopes too high for the Apple Watch X? Possibly. That rumored name does promise a lot. Yet, expecting three major health features, more screen, and a longer battery life might be a bit much for one update.

Like the Ultra 3, the Apple Watch X might not look much different from its predecessor. Yet, it could still reign supreme in the smartwatch kingdom. After all, the Series 9 is a tough act to follow, and even minor upgrades could give the Series 10 a significant edge over competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7.

And what about the Apple Watch SE? It’s been a year without a new model, and the rumor mill is buzzing with even less clarity for its next iteration. If we’re to believe the patterns, the SE 3 might share the S10 chip with its pricier relatives in 2024. But that’s about as far as we can speculate without jumping the gun.

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