Apple Watch X Render Reveals Magnetic Band for Extended Battery Life

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  • Renders of the Apple Watch X suggest a thinner case and a novel band attachment method using magnets, potentially allowing for a larger battery by eliminating the current slot mechanism.
  • Despite rumors, the Apple Watch X will not feature a microLED display but will continue with an OLED panel that is expected to be brighter and more power-efficient, possibly offering the best battery life of any Apple Watch to date.
  • Speculation exists around the introduction of a new blood pressure monitoring feature in the Apple Watch X, which would alert users to high or low readings, although it may not provide specific systolic and diastolic numbers initially.
  • Apple faces challenges with the pulse oximeter feature due to a patent infringement ruling favoring Masimo, leading to an import ban on certain Apple Watch models; Apple may need to develop a new sensor or license the technology to reintroduce this feature.


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Oh, the buzz around the Apple Watch X (Series 10) is getting real loud now. Renders floating around confirm a rumor that’s been tickling our ears for a bit. Last summer, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg whispered that this new gadget could be slimmer. And guess what? It might just hug our wrists with magnets for the bands. Pretty sleek, huh?

The old way of sticking the band onto the watch? Kinda clunky. You had to slide the end of the band into a slot. That slot gobbled up precious space inside, space that could’ve housed a bigger battery. But, these new renders from @concept_central on “X” are showing off a nifty “handle.” No more slots, more room for battery goodness.

Now, hold onto your hats. We thought we’d be seeing a microLED display on this baby. But nope, looks like the OLED panel is sticking around. Though, we’re talking thinner bezels and a display that’s brighter and sips less power. This could mean the Apple Watch X will keep ticking longer than any of its predecessors.

“Finally get to share these renders I’ve been working on! Exclusive look at the upcoming Apple Watch Series X via @appltrack, based on the latest leaks and rumors as well as our own predictions.” That tweet from Shea (@concept_central) on April 19, 2024, got everyone talking.

And there’s chatter about a new blood pressure monitor. Imagine getting a nudge from your watch when your pressure’s acting up. The real McCoy, with actual systolic and diastolic numbers, might still be a bit off. But warnings? Those are on the table.

Now, for a bit of drama. Remember Masimo? They weren’t too happy with Apple, claiming the giant stepped on their toes with a patent infringement. The result? An import ban on the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 in the U.S., all because of a tiff over a pulse oximeter. Masimo’s got that patent locked down till 2028. Apple’s either got to wait it out, invent something new, or just pay up for the rights.

So, there you have it. The Apple Watch X is shaping up to be quite the contender. Thinner, smarter, and possibly with the best battery life we’ve seen. Just gotta keep our eyes peeled for what comes next. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll see that pulse oximeter make a comeback, one way or another.

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