Apple’s 2017 iPhone Feature Stars in New TV Commercial

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  • Apple introduced Face ID with the iPhone X in 2017, highlighting its secure facial recognition capabilities through memorable advertising.
  • A new 30-second ad for iPhone 15’s Face ID, titled “iPhone 15 Face ID-Nice Try!”, showcases the feature’s ability to keep messages private during a family gathering.
  • Despite multiple family members’ attempts to unlock the device with their faces, only the phone’s owner is able to access it, emphasizing Face ID’s security.
  • Future iPhone models, specifically the iPhone 17 Pro and iPhone 17 Pro Max, are expected to have Face ID cameras and lights integrated under the display, according to Display Supply Side Consultants (DSCC).


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Oh, remember when Apple rolled out Face ID? That was back in 2017 with the iPhone X. Feels like ages ago, doesn’t it? Honestly, there haven’t been a ton of ads from Apple that really zoom in on the whole facial recognition thing. But there was this one, super memorable ad. Picture this: a high-school girl, decked out in overalls, casually opening lockers with nothing but a glance. Like magic. She’s darting through the halls, flinging lockers open left and right. Then, bam! In the gym, she’s swamped by an avalanche of balls from a storage room she accidentally unlocks. Classic.

Fast forward to now, and there’s this fresh, 30-second slice of marketing from Apple Singapore. It’s for the iPhone 15 and dubbed “Face ID-Nice Try!” Picture a family shindig, right? Out of the blue, a notification chimes. It’s an iMessage for someone in the crowd, from a dude named Shafik. The phone’s owner? Mysteriously absent, leaving her device unattended and ripe for some snooping.

Cue the intrigue. A relative, all sneaky-like, tries to unlock the phone with her face. Denied. Another grabs the phone, hopeful. Nope, Face ID’s not having it. In total, three would-be snoopers get the cold shoulder from Face ID. Then, the phone’s owner saunters back, clueless to the mini-drama that’s unfolded. As she checks her new iMessage, the others shoot her these “we know what’s up” looks.

On the screen flashes: “Face ID. Helps keep secrets safe. Relax, it’s iPhone.” It’s a testament to how seamlessly Face ID has woven itself into the fabric of iPhone users’ lives. They barely give it a second thought now. And get this – according to the folks over at Display Supply Side Consultants (DSCC), the next-gen iPhone 17 Pro and Pro Max are gonna have the Face ID tech sneakily tucked under the display. Fancy, huh?

You’ll probably catch this ad while you’re diving into the NCAA College Basketball tournament or maybe during a Major League Baseball game. Or while streaming the NBA, NHL… you get the gist. It’s everywhere, kinda like Face ID itself.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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