Apple’s AI Developments to Compete with Google and Samsung

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  • Apple is currently lagging behind in the AI race, with competitors like Google and Samsung already making significant strides in this area.
  • Apple’s plan to not lose the mobile AI race involves adding AI features to its core apps and productivity software, and overhauling its digital assistant, Siri.
  • Apple is also developing a new AI-based system to assist AppleCare employees with customer troubleshooting, and is working on a new version of Xcode and other development tools that incorporate AI.
  • However, it is anticipated that it will take until at least 2025 for Apple to fully scale its generative AI vision.

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TL;DR: The years 2024 and 2025 are set to bring a wave of AI enhancements to the iPhone. But let’s be real, Apple’s been lagging in the AI race. Google’s already upped its game, and Samsung’s about to go all-in with the “Galaxy AI”.

Welcome, folks! It’s time for our daily dose of Two Minute AI. Today’s hot topic? Apple’s strategy to not lose the mobile AI race. Spoiler alert: they’re not winning. Or leading. In fact, they’re trailing behind.

I’m not the only one saying this. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman used the exact phrase “way behind” in his recent ‘Power On’ newsletter. In his piece, he argues that Apple’s biggest challenges in 2024 won’t be centered around the iPhone. Nor will the Vision Pro pose a significant problem, despite its hefty $3500 price tag.

Apple’s a leader in the digital jungle, no doubt. But it’s not your typical leader. For instance, we’re still waiting for a foldable phone or tablet from them. Cupertino seems to be playing the waiting game, learning from the mistakes of others (cough, Samsung and Google). But when the time’s right, they’ll jump into the foldable arena.

But let’s talk AI. Apple’s got a long road ahead to catch up with Samsung and Google. You might not care about AI in your phone, but in the cutthroat world of big business, letting your competition offer something you don’t is a big no-no.

Nearly two years have passed since ChatGPT captured billions of people’s attention. Amazon revamped and boosted Alexa with AI almost a year ago. Microsoft and Google launched new AI services about a year and a half ago. And in mid-January, Samsung’s expected to unveil the AI-focused ‘Galaxy S24’ line. So, what’s Apple’s move?

The company’s strategy might be “Keep up, not catch up”, but right now, they’ve got some serious catching up to do. According to Gurman’s newsletter, Apple plans to add auto-summarizing and auto-complete features to its core apps and productivity software. They’re also working on incorporating AI into services like Apple Music to automate playlist creation. And Siri? Big overhaul coming up.

These changes are likely to appear in iOS 18. The groundwork is being laid with a large language model called Ajax. Apple’s been testing it since early last year. They’re also developing new versions of Xcode and other tools that incorporate AI for code completion. Plus, they’re building an AI-based system to help AppleCare employees assist customers.

But don’t expect all this to happen overnight. It’ll take until at least 2025 to fully realize Apple’s AI vision. Gurman sums it up: “Apple is way behind in AI and it’s a major risk for a company that considers itself the top innovator in consumer technology”.

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Derrick Flynn
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