Apple’s AirTag tracker facing class-action lawsuit for potential safety hazards

What you should know

– AirTag stalking cases have risen sharply, and Apple is accused of not doing enough to prevent it.
– Multiple victims have been stalked and some have been murdered using AirTags.
– AirTags have been hidden in various objects, including purses and stuffed animals.
– Apple allegedly did not fully consider the risks of its AirTag tracker, particularly in cases involving known or intimate partner stalkers.
– The plaintiffs accuse Apple of falsely advertising AirTags as “stalker-proof” and violating federal and state laws.
– The victims seek damages and an injunction against Apple’s practices regarding AirTags.

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A class-action suit has been filed against Apple by victims who claim they were stalked using Apple AirTags. According to ArsTechnica, close to 40 victims have joined the suit this month. The amended complaint accuses Apple of allowing the tracking product to become one of the most dangerous and frightening technologies employed by stalkers, as it can generate real-time location information to track victims. The plaintiffs argue that Apple has not done enough to prevent the stalking cases associated with AirTags.

The seriousness of the situation is highlighted by the example of LaPrecia Sanders, a plaintiff in the class-action suit. Her son was allegedly killed by his ex-girlfriend who used an AirTag to track his movements and later ran him over with her car. The complaint also mentions the financial distress caused by AirTag stalking. Victims have had to pay mechanics to search their cars for hidden trackers, and some have even had to relocate to escape their stalkers. It is worth noting that stalking is often underreported, so the scope of the issue may be larger than documented.

AirTag units have been found hidden in various objects, such as the linings of purses or even stitched inside a child’s stuffed teddy bear. Stalkers can be known to the victim, such as an ex-partner or spouse, or they can be random individuals. Apple has been accused of not fully considering the risks of its AirTag tracker, particularly those involving intimate partner stalkers. The complaint states that Apple advertised AirTags as being “stalker-proof,” but the victims argue that Apple knew they could be used for nefarious purposes and failed to protect users adequately.

The plaintiffs allege that Apple has broken federal and state laws by negligently releasing a defective product that invaded users’ privacy. They seek damages for those who own iOS or Android devices in the U.S., including both those who were stalked and those at risk of being stalked. Furthermore, they request a court order to prevent Apple from engaging in unlawful, unfair, and fraudulent practices related to the design, manufacture, and release of AirTags. Apple has until October 27th to submit a motion to dismiss the suit and respond to the plaintiff’s amended complaint.

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