Apple’s In-House 5G Modem Plans Might Be Indefinitely Delayed, Reports Say

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Apple‘s current and upcoming iPhones, including the iPhone 15 series, use Qualcomm’s 5G modems due to a partnership that will continue until 2026.
– There were initial rumors that the iPhone SE 4 would use Apple’s internally developed 5G modem chip, but recent reports suggest this may not happen due to development challenges.
– Leakers suggest that Apple may be reorganizing its development efforts and might completely abandon the integration of the in-house modem into upcoming iPhone models.
– Apple’s development of its own 5G modem chip has faced several challenges, including the size of the initial in-house 5G modem, speed concerns, and overheating issues.

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Apple’s current iPhone lineup, including the iPhone 15 series, uses Qualcomm’s 5G modems. This partnership is slated to continue until 2026, thanks to a recent agreement.

But, there were whispers, you see. Folks were saying that the iPhone SE 4 might be the first to use Apple’s own 5G modem chip. This would replace the Qualcomm one. But, well, that might not be happening after all.

A report’s been circulating, a bit of a shaky one, mind you. It suggests that Apple might be putting a pin in their plans for their own 5G modem chip. This is due to some hiccups in the development process. This info comes from leaker yeux1122, as reported by Apple Insider.

The report, once translated, mentions that Apple is “reorganizing” its development efforts. Another leaker, Tech_Reve, has been saying the same thing on Twitter/X. He cites “multiple sources.” But, he’s not giving any specifics about these sources. Makes you question the info, doesn’t it?

Tech_Reve seems to think that the in-house modem won’t be in the upcoming iPhone SE 4 or any models after that. He’s predicting a total abandonment.

Then there’s this tweet: “Breaking News: Apple is reported to discontinue its in-house modem development. According to multiple sources, Apple is currently in the process of streamlining investments in its 5G modem development division and workforce over the past few years.” It’s from Revegnus (@Tech_Reve) and was posted on November 29, 2023.

Apple’s journey to develop its own 5G modem chip hasn’t been smooth sailing. Reports came out shortly after the Qualcomm agreement about the challenges Apple was facing. The initial in-house 5G modem was apparently huge, taking up half of the iPhone’s internal space. And there were worries about its speed and overheating issues.

Over five years ago, Apple hinted at wanting to develop its own modem. They started hiring engineers in Qualcomm’s hometown, San Diego. This happened at the same time as a legal dispute over modem royalties between Apple and Qualcomm.

So, if this latest report is true, it’s a bit of a shocker. Apple has put a lot of time and resources into this project. They even bought from Intel for a billion dollars.

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