Apple’s Shipping Blunder: 60 iPhone 15 Pro Max Units Returned after $96K Mix-Up

What you should know

Apple mistakenly sent 60 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max units to a customer who had only ordered 4
– Customer returned the excess iPhones as it aligned with the principle of doing the right thing
– Customer was initially supposed to keep only one 1TB iPhone but ended up keeping all four for free
– Ultra Mobile is offering a holiday discount deal on its most popular plans, with 3 GB for $10/month and 10 GB for $20/month

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Earlier in the month, a tech-savvy customer received an unexpected delivery from Apple containing 60 iPhone 15 Pro Max units, totaling $96k, when they had only ordered 4, with just one of them being the 1TB variant. After documenting the return of the iPhones in a TikTok post, the user complied with Apple’s request to keep the four iPhones they initially ordered and return the excess units. This act of honesty sparked a significant debate in the comment section under the TikTok post about the incident. The iPhone 15 Pro Max with 1TB storage is the most expensive model in the iPhone 15 series, and by returning the extra iPhones, the user ended up keeping all four that he initially ordered.

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Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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