Apple’s Spatial Computer Vision Pro Continues Pre-Orders: A New Visual Tour

What you should know

  • Apple has released a new video titled “A Guided Tour of Apple Vision Pro” to introduce the features of their new spatial computer. The video includes a personal one-on-one tour of the Vision Pro.
  • The Home View of Vision Pro consists of app icons similar to those on iPhone and iPad. Apps are opened by looking at the one you want to open and tapping your fingers together. The device also allows users to view photos, resize them, and move them around the room.
  • Vision Pro offers an immersive experience for viewing panoramas shot on the iPhone, watching movies, and viewing spatial videos recorded with the Vision Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro series. The device also includes features for work, such as the ability to place the mail app anywhere in the user’s space.
  • The Vision Pro also includes a FaceTime feature that allows users to engage in a video chat with another Vision Pro user. The chat includes a Persona, a digital representation of the other person in the chat, which shows their real-time face and hand movements.
  • The Vision Pro is priced at $3,499 and up for the 256GB version, $3,699 and up for the 512GB version, and $3,899 and up for the 1TB version. An iPhone or iPad is required to pre-order Vision Pro from the Apple Store.

Full Story

Pre-orders for the Vision Pro are opening up today. Apple’s celebrating with a fresh video, aptly titled “A Guided Tour of Apple Vision Pro.”

Right from the get-go, Apple Product Manager Allessandra McGinnis has a suggestion. She reckons the best way to experience the Vision Pro is by dropping by your local Apple Store. But, for those who can’t, she’s got something special.

In this video, Allessandra gives a personal tour of the Vision Pro to a newbie named Will. Will’s never used this spatial computer before, so it’s all fresh and exciting.

The tour starts with Will being shown his space. It’s the first thing he sees after he pops on the headset. The Home View of the Vision Pro is filled with app icons, ones that iPhone and iPad users will find familiar.

And here’s a handy tip: Pressing the Digital Crown will always take you back to the Home View. Want to open an app? Just look at it and tap your fingers together.

Next up, Will learns how to look at a photo from the Photos app. He’s shown how to resize them, move them around the room, all that jazz. If you’ve shot panoramas on your iPhone, you’re in for a treat. They become a stunningly immersive experience as the picture wraps around you.

Videos recorded with the Vision Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro series can be viewed as spatial videos on the headset. Sounds fancy, right? It’s just Apple’s way of saying 3D videos. It feels like you’re stepping back in time, reliving a past event.

Watching a movie on this thing is something else. You can scale the screen to a ridiculously large size and view the content you want to see. And let’s not forget about the spatial audio that surrounds you with sound.

But it’s not all fun and games. The Vision Pro is a pretty impressive tool for those at work, too. The mail app can be placed anywhere in your space. In the video, Safari is scaled up to a large size and placed right in front of Will.

Next, they demo FaceTime with another Vision Pro user. Will gets to video chat and see the other party’s Persona, a digital representation of them. Each person’s Persona shows their real-time face and hand movements.

Environments work with any app and are dynamic landscapes that can be scaled up to bring a relaxing atmosphere to your space. Twisting the Digital Crown makes you more or less immersed in the Environment that you selected. Even if you’re fully immersed in an Environment, those near you can break through the illusion to be seen.

Want to look at your Mac through the Vision Pro headset? Just tap “Connect” and a large virtual representation of the computer’s display appears virtually in your space.

You’ll need an iPhone or iPad to pre-order Vision Pro from the Apple Store. The 256GB version of Vision Pro is priced at $3,499 and up or 12 monthly payments of $291.58. The 512GB version of Vision Pro will cost you $3,699 and up, or 12 monthly payments of $308.25. The variant of the Vision Pro with 1TB of data is priced at $3,899 and up or 12 monthly payments of $324.91.

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