Assistant At a Glance Widget Crashing on Android Phones

What you should know

– Many Android users are experiencing issues with installing the Assistant At a Glance widget on their home screens
– The issue is affecting a wide range of Android devices, from Pixel to Galaxy to OnePlus
– Some users have found a workaround by updating the Google app and clearing the cache
– Google may have recently pushed out an update for the Google app to fix the issue

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Many Android users have been struggling to install the Assistant At a Glance widget on their home screen. Users with devices such as Pixel 8 Pro, Galaxy S23 Ultra, OnePlus 11, and Galaxy A54 have reported encountering error messages and crashes when attempting to add the widget. Redditor awfulWinner shared, “First showed on my screen as a red bar saying a message something like ‘at a glance failed to load’ or something similar; tried restarting phone, removing the widget, trying to re-add, always crashes trying to add the widget, force closed Google app, cleared cache. None of it is helping. Pixel 6.”

However, some users have shared a workaround that worked for them. Redditor 5h3r10k mentioned, “Update: I just updated the Google app, then force stopped and cleared cache for Google, and it’s working now. I needed to force stop and clear cache though, even after updating it still didn’t work until I did that.” Another user named xiaomifan01 confirmed this method, stating, “After updating the Google app ( and clearing the cache it’s possible to add the widget again on my Poco VAYU running A13.”

It seems that an update to the Google app may have resolved the issue for some users. To check if an update is available, users can open the Play Store, tap on the profile picture, and select “Manage apps & device.” Under “Updates available,” users can tap on “Update all” or “See details” and look for the Google app to update it. After updating the app, users can attempt to add the widget again and hopefully, this will solve the problem.

If the issue persists despite updating the Google app, it is recommended to stay tuned for further updates and solutions from Google regarding the installation of the Assistant At a Glance widget.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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