Best Buy Cyber Monday Deal: Unlocked Galaxy Z Flip 4 for $298.99

What you should know

– Best Buy is offering a 70% clearance discount on the Pink Gold Galaxy Z Flip 4
– The phone has high-end specs and is worth its usual price of $999.99
– The phone has the same core experience as the newer Flip 5
– The discounted price of $298.99 is a great deal for a phone with high-end features

Full Story

This Pink Gold Galaxy Z Flip 4 deal is too good to pass up. Best Buy is currently offering a 70 percent clearance discount, dropping the price from the usual $999.99 to $298.99. With a deal this tempting, even those who weren’t planning on getting a new phone might find themselves swayed. It’s hard not to be drawn in by the device’s cutting-edge folding capabilities and high-end specs at such an affordable price.

Despite being an older model than the Flip 5, the Flip 4 offers the same 6.7-inch main screen, high-quality cameras, and a snappy Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip. And with a relatively small 1.9-inch screen on the outside, you can still view notifications, make contactless payments, and answer calls without needing to fully open the phone. The bottom line is that $298.99 is an incredible price for a phone with such advanced features and capabilities.

If you’ve been contemplating getting a new phone, this deal is too good to pass up. At such a steep discount, the Pink Gold Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a steal. Even with the release of newer models, the Flip 4 still packs a punch with its impressive specs and folding screen. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal at Best Buy.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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