BMW Owner Recovers Stolen Car Using Apple AirTag

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  • Apple advises AirTag users to involve law enforcement when tracking down stolen property to avoid potential harm.
  • A victim, Philip Obando, successfully recovered his stolen BMW by confronting the thief directly, after tracking the car with an AirTag and the Find My app, despite the risks involved.
  • The thief left behind personal items in the stolen vehicle, including several knives and a wallet containing his driver’s license, which helped police quickly identify him as a neighbor of the victim.
  • Criminals in Canada have been using AirTags to track and steal cars in high demand, highlighting a misuse of the technology for criminal activities.


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Apple’s got a strong opinion on this – if your stuff gets nicked and you’ve slapped an AirTag on it, don’t play hero. Call the cops. Seriously, trying to face off with a thief could end badly for you. But, let’s dive into a tale that flips the script a bit, shall we?

So, there’s this guy, Philip Obando, chilling in California. He’s got a BMW and decides, “Hey, why not tuck an AirTag in here? Just in case.” Fast forward, and one fine morning, Philip’s BMW is nowhere to be found. The twist? His car’s dashcam caught the thief living it up – car wash joyrides, a smoke session, and even a nap in the backseat. All while Philip’s tracking his ride through Long Beach with the Find My app.

Despite ringing up the police, Philip and his wife jump into action in their other car, tailing their BMW via the app. They spot it at a gas station, and Philip, with a nudge from his wife, decides it’s go-time. He confronts the thief, flashes his key fob, and honks the horn. Talk about a power move.

Miraculously, the thief bolts without escalating things. Philip reclaims his BMW, only to find a collection of knives the thief left behind. A stark reminder of how sideways things could’ve gone. Plus, the thief dropped his wallet in the car, complete with ID. Talk about a facepalm moment. Turns out, the guy was practically neighbors with Philip.

Now, while Philip’s story had a happy ending, it’s a stark reminder from Apple – leave the heroics to the professionals. And here’s a quirky twist – up in Canada, criminals are flipping the script. They’re using AirTags to mark cars they fancy, stealing them under the cover of night. The irony? They’re using the same Find My app, but for all the wrong reasons. So, whether you’re tracking your prized possessions or stumbling upon an unexpected adventure, remember, the world of AirTags is full of surprises. Just maybe, let the cops handle the surprises, yeah?

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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