Can Moto G Power 2024 Dethrone the Budget Phone King?

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  • The Moto G Power (2024) prioritizes big batteries over top-tier performance, catering to users who value reliability and long battery life in their smartphones.
  • Featuring a 6.7-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, the Moto G Power (2024) offers significant upgrades over its predecessor, including a 50MP camera with OIS, Quad Pixel technology, and up to 16GB of expandable RAM.
  • Competing in the budget-friendly segment, the Moto G Power (2024) stands out with its 5,000mAh battery and 30W wired charging, outpacing rivals like the Galaxy A15 in charging speed.
  • Set to be available in the US starting March 21, the Moto G Power (2024) is priced at $299.99, offering good value for users looking for practical features in a budget-friendly smartphone.


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Oh boy, the Moto G Power (2024) just dropped into the spotlight. March 21st is the day it hits the US. Under its sleek exterior, it’s rocking a MediaTek Dimensity 7020 processor. Just before its grand entrance, it sneaked onto Geekbench. The scores? A single-core of 679 and a multi-core of 2005. Not exactly earth-shattering for the performance junkies, but hey, that’s not the point here.

The Power series is all about that battery life. It’s their superpower. And guess what? A lot of folks aren’t chasing after the fastest chip. Nope. They’re after a phone that won’t give up on them after a day’s use. A reliable buddy that keeps them connected without the constant search for power outlets. For them, the Moto G Power (2024) could be a match made in heaven.

Budget-friendly phones have their audience. Pragmatic users who view their phone more as a tool than a trophy. Those watching their wallets. The tech minimalists craving simplicity. And, of course, older adults who’d rather not study a manual thicker than “War and Peace.”

Now, onto Motorola‘s camera game with the Moto G Power (2024). They’ve been serving up some sweet deals in the budget smartphone arena. Their Moto G lineup? Always a contender in the “best budget smartphone” lists. They’ve got a knack for offering more bang for your buck than you’d expect. And with a myriad of choices, it’s like a treasure hunt.

The latest reveal, the Moto G Power 5G (2024), boasts a 6.7-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. A nice step up from its predecessor’s 6.5-inch LCD. It’s packed with features: a 50MP main camera, 8MP ultrawide, and a 16MP selfie cam. Plus, 8GB RAM that can expand up to 16GB, 128GB storage, and both wired and wireless charging options. Ever heard of expandable RAM? It’s like giving your phone a brain boost without the brain freeze.

But wait, there’s more. Let’s glance at some other Moto G models. Each has its own flair. The Moto G Stylus 2023, for instance, comes with a stylus (shocker, I know). The Moto G Power (2023) is a battery beast. And the Moto G Play (2024)? An absolute steal for under 150 bucks. So, whether you’re pinching pennies, need a phone that won’t quit on you, or crave a bit more pep, Motorola’s got you covered.

Now, let’s pivot to the global stage. Counterpoint Research threw us some intel on the best-sellers of 2023. Flagships aren’t the only stars; budget-friendly models like Samsung‘s Galaxy A14 5G made the list. What do they share with the Moto G Power series? A hefty battery, solid performance, and a wallet-friendly price.

Samsung’s next move? The Galaxy A15. But here’s where the Moto G Power (2024) shines brighter – that 30W wired charging speed. It’s all about staying powered up faster.

Motorola isn’t just playing the specs game. They’re also cozying up with carriers to sweeten the deal. And let’s not forget, Motorola’s been around. They’re not new kids on the block. While Samsung also has a storied past, Motorola holds its own, especially against rivals like OnePlus and its Nord series.

As we eagerly await March 21st, let’s mull over the Moto G Power (2024)’s place in the budget-friendly ring. Samsung might win on software support, but Motorola’s offering is tempting. Is it worth your cash? If you’re after value and practicality, it’s a strong contender.

And for those in the US, mark your calendars. The Moto G Power 5G (2024) lands at Cricket on March 22nd. It’ll spread its wings to T-Mobile, Metro, AT&T, and more. Plus, it’ll be up for grabs on Amazon, Motorola’s website, and Best Buy from March 29th, all for $299.99. Quite the deal, huh?

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Derrick Flynn
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